That’s a wrap: Qvidian at BPC New Orleans 2024

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Team Qvidian


Qvidian just arrived home from a whirlwind week at BPC New Orleans. As professionals with over 40+ years in the industry we always look forward to attending BPC to network with colleagues, hear expert advice from industry-leaders, and connect with new faces. We also had our share of fun celebrating on Bourbon street, chowing down on delicious beignets and celebrating all the rich culture New Orleans has to offer!

A lot happened at BPC New Orleans this year, so we’ve worked with our experts and specialists to wrap up everything we learned and overhead this year.

Wrapping up BPC New Orleans 2024

Generative AI

We talked with professionals across industries throughout BPC New Orleans and one thing was clearly on their mind: generative AI. It’s no surprise that this topic was buzzing around the show, top companies including IBM, Microsoft, and most recently  Apple have quickly integrated generative AI features into their products and services.

The buzz over Qvidian AI Assist was incredibly positive, with customers agreeing that this new generative AI technology will help them work faster and smarter than before.

Human touch

Human touch is incredibly valuable. Despite all the generative AI hype, we’ll still need you as the “human-in-the-loop.” We emphasized the importance to us and our customers that important work can’t get done without the human touch.

Face-to-Face is in full force

We were thrilled to see the traffic and energy around our booth was non-stop electric as we met with professionals from all industries. People were ready to connect in person, network, and learn from industry leaders.

Industry Expertise

We were proud and honored to have our industry-expertise on full display as we hosted the founder and the creator of the automation industry, Dr. Tom Sant! Be on the lookout for our upcoming series with Dr. Sant where we’ll explore the past, present, and future of the automation industry.

Bringing Generative AI to the proposal industry

One thing’s clear: generative AI is already transforming the proposal industry. It seems fast, but companies (Qvidian included) have quickly worked to bring the transformative power of generative AI to the industry. Here are just a few of the transformations generative AI is already bringing to the industry

Saving lots of time on responses and questionnaires

Want to know the number one reason generative AI is poised to transform the industry? It’s going to save a lot of time! Throughout BPC New Orleans we heard from all types of professionals many of whom are drowning in the sea of RFP responses and proposals they’re required to work on.

For these professionals, saving time is a vital necessity, not a luxury. They’re most excited about generative AI’s potential to save them a lot of time on simple tasks like summarizing documents, generating quick customized paragraphs, or revising existing content for a new proposal or response.

A new focus on working with humans, not against them

Let’s be honest, we talked to a lot of professionals throughout BPC New Orleans who are just a little worried about generative AI tools replacing them in the proposal management and response process. At Qvidian, we’ve had over 40+ years of experience in the proposal industry, and we know one thing is clear: there’s no substitute for the deep knowledge and skills bid and proposal specialists have.

As senior customer success manager, Steven Coles, CPP APMP, mentioned in his session Tying It All Up: Generative AI, Evolving Roles and Bringing your Content all Together, the best workplace transformations prioritize emotions and people.

At Qvidian we believe the key to successfully implementing generative AI is working with specialists not against them. That means all of the features we release are designed to streamline workflows and improve productivity without cutting out the vital work that bid and proposal specialists do.

The Big Picture

The biggest takeaway from BPC New Orleans was that generative AI is here and it’s not going away any time soon. Over at Qvidian, we’ve launched our powerful generative AI features, Qvidian AI Assist and it’s already making a big splash with our customers. Generative AI has the power to revolutionize an industry and Qvidian is leading the charge, helping companies save time and money on all of their responses.


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