Qvidian for Healthcare

RFP Response Software for Healthcare Companies

Qvidian makes it easy for healthcare organizations to collaborate on complex RFP responses, proposals, and sales presentations to win more deals.

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Qvidian for healthcare

Healthcare RFP response made easy.

From requests for professional services to requests for medical supplies or physician consultation, healthcare companies receive lots of RFPs. Help your team respond quickly and efficiently to diverse RFPs with Qvidian’s automation assisted RFP response software. 

Qvidian for RFPs, RFIs, and DDQs

Powerful tools for proposals, sales, and more.

Healthcare companies need software that’s as flexible as they are. Whether you’re working with HIT to respond to complex security questionnaires, publishing a proposal for professional services, or responding to a complex RFP, Qvidian has the tools to streamline your processes. 

Subject matter expertise, approved content, and critical data all in one place

Store content from SMEs, critical data on medical equipment and staffing, and approved messaging from marketing all in one central library. 

  • Maintain approved responses and content to guarantee accuracy and shorten review processes. 
  • Always remain audit-ready with reviewed, tracked, and reportable content. 
  • Assign tasks to SMEs, set up multi-step review workflows, and tackle complex RFPs as a team. 

Deliver high quality healthcare documents in half the time

Transform the way your organization stores, reviews, updates, and manages your content. 

  • Use automation to quickly generate high-quality documents, freeing up time for strategy and personalizing responses. 
  • Simplify collaboration with review workflows and work together virtually in real time with Office Online, SharePoint, and Teams.   
  • Always stay informed with notifications when proposals are opened, viewed, edited, commented, or completed. 
Quickly create standout sales content and proposals

Collaborate effortlessly to deliver compliant proposals, presentations, and other standout sales documents in minutes, not hours. 

Effortlessly respond to security and due diligence questionnaires

Store answers to common questions, respond to questions in bulk, and get answers to technical questions from SMEs quickly with multistep workflows. 

Easily store and access critical data and content

Maintain a single source of truth for all your healthcare content by storing current, compliant, and approved content in Qvidian’s central library. 

Our proposal team is able to handle 60 - 80% of very technical questions on highly complex products. People think we're experts, but it's really Qvidian that makes us look good by putting the information at our fingertips.

Mark Marcinowski
Proposal Manager, Nuance Communications - Healthcare Division

Built for the diverse needs of healthcare

With over 25 years of experience and 200K users Qvidian was built by experts who know the unique needs of medical specialists, hospitals, and healthcare companies.

  • Qvidian is trusted by hospital networks, national healthcare companies, health administration companies and pharmaceutics companies to speed up their RFP response and proposal processes and win more deals.

  • Healthcare companies receive RFxs daily, whether it’s companies looking for professional services, health information technology services, pharmaceutical consultations or more. Healthcare companies use RFP response and proposal management software to respond faster and win more deals.


  • Qvidian’s RFP response and proposal management software is flexible enough to meet the unique demands of healthcare companies. With tools for automating content discovery, collaborating with peers, quickly responding to RFPs companies can generate high-quality proposals, sales presentations, or RFP responses 30% faster, on average.

Respond faster than ever with our secure and compliant generative AI

Learn how Qvidian’s new generative AI features, Qvidian AI Assist, saves healthcare organizations time while helping you deliver accurate, compliant, and responsive responses of all types.

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Increase in win rates

On average, companies using Qvidian win more business than before.

Faster response time

Companies using Qvidian responded to RFPs faster, on average than those without.

Quicker content creation

Companies using Qvidian were able to create high-quality content faster than before.

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