Qvidian for Technology Companies

Automate RFPs to manage, create and win faster.

Use Qvidian to quickly respond to RFPs, create sales proposals, statements of work, letters, or personalized presentations. Whether you’re outlining your tech stack, detailing complex network infrastructure, or highlighting product features, Qvidian’s automation makes it easy.

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Don’t let DDQs slow you down.

Extensive Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQs) can be a major roadblock for any deal. Use Qvidian’s central content library and automation software to quickly respond to commonly asked cyber and data security, compliance, and network management questions, so your team spends less time chasing answers and more time closing deals. 

Make answering security questionnaires a breeze

Answering security questionnaires accurately and efficiently is a vital part of any technology company’s proposal process. Qvidian makes it easy. 

  • Always work with current, complete, and approved content with Qvidian’s central content library. 
  • Insert the best answers in bulk, Qvidian scans documents and pulls in relevant answers automatically. 
  • Remain audit-ready with comprehensive workflows for tracking, reviewing, approving, and reporting on content. 
  • Streamline content reviews with your security and compliance department. 

Boost your RFP and RFI response rate

Technology companies respond to lots of RFPs and RFIs. Save time and energy on your next response with powerful automation and management tools. 

  • Automatically import and answer questionnaires. 
  • Store relevant tables, images, and data directly in content records. 
  • Store accurate answers and content pieces to a central content library. 
  • Use machine learning to automatically suggest the best answers and relevant content pieces. 
  • Streamline your workflow with customizable user types, roles, permissions. 
Quickly create standout sales content and proposals.

Collaborate effortlessly to deliver compliant proposals, presentations, and other standout sales documents in minutes, not hours. 

Easily craft consistent, professional, and branded documents.

Upload branded templates, store approved messaging, and craft customized and professional proposals and presentations with Qvidian. 

Effortlessly respond to security and due diligence questionnaires.

Store answers to common questions, respond to questions in bulk, and get answers to technical questions from SMEs quickly with multistep workflows. 

Overall, we spend about 20% less time on proposals. However, our high-value business advisors spend 54% percent less time. ROI far exceeds our annual cost.

Cheri Reed
Proposal Manager, Rehmann

Built for tech startups and larger software companies.

With over 25 years of experience and 200K users Qvidian was built by experts who know the unique needs of technology companies. After all, we’re one, too.

  • Qvidian is trusted by technology companies of all sizes to speed up their RFP process and win more deals.

  • Technology companies receive lots of RFPs. To answer them all, these companies rely on RFP response software to speed up response times and streamline workflows.

  • Qvidian’s RFP response and proposal management software is flexible enough to meet the unique demands of technology companies. With tools for automating content discovery, RFP response, and proposal management, technology companies can generate high-quality proposals, sales presentations, or RFP responses 30% faster, on average.

  • Qvidian is committed to keeping customer data secure and has multiple standard security and regulatory compliances that financial companies require including GDPR compliancy, ISO 27001, and SSAE 16 Type II.

    Additionally, Qvidian has features for security-centric design such customizable user access and permissions, multi-step review and approval workflows, version control, change tracking, and event auditing.

Respond faster than ever with transformational generative AI

Learn how Qvidian’s new generative AI features, Qvidian AI Assist, saves technology organizations time while giving them the transformational tools they’ll need to deliver consistent, accurate, and responsive responses of all types.

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