Case Study

UPMC Insurance Services Division launches a scalable proposal process and drives company-wide adoption.

UPMC Insurance Services builds 200+ proposals annually with Upland Software’s Qvidian product. The Proposal Development Team increased content usage 200%.

At UPMC Insurance Services, one of the largest insurers in Pennsylvania, everyone from SMEs and marketing VPs to the division chairman used to drop everything and scramble to answer RFPs before deadlines.

Without a trusted content library, contributors cut answers from old proposals and pasted them into new RFP responses. Often, SMEs answered the same questions repeatedly, and version control was a nightmare. The division needed a scalable process for creating proposals and a reliable software to support its approach.

Before we built-out our Qvidian library, we were getting RFP after RFP and manually searching through all these old documents. We were constantly reaching out to SMEs and asking repeat questions. It was a manual, memory-driven process that was slow and inefficient.

Erich Stamer
Sr. Content Manager, UPMC Insurance Services Division

Qvidian’s content library delivered visibility and version control.

UPMC Insurance Services Division identified Qvidian as crucial to building a better process. Qvidian automatically stores past versions of proposal content and tracks content metrics. With Qvidian’s insights, the division increased content usage by 208% in a year and went from missing one or two RFP deadlines annually to zero.

UPMC Insurance Services Division keeps content fresh with Qvidian.

Qvidian’s leading content management features make all the difference for the UPMC Insurance Services Division. The division particularly benefits from Qvidian’s bulk content loading functionality. The Proposal Development Team also creates custom metadata fields, so contributors can use industry-specific filters to find relevant content rapidly.

Maintaining a proposal content library is an ongoing project. The division relies on Qvidian’s content feedback tools to create a circular process where proposal managers can suggest edits and improvements. With this closed-loop process, the UPMC Insurance Services Division captures new content and suggestions to expand and strengthen its library.

Qvidian is the go-to resource for trusted RFP and proposal information.

Every year, the Proposal Development Team creates 200+ documents with Qvidian to support sales groups across multiple product lines in the UPMC Insurance Services Division. The team reports that morale is higher than ever, relationships between departments are stronger because they no longer re-ask SMEs the same questions, and everyone has more time to meet RFP deadlines.

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