Seven proposal collaboration best practices

On average, three to ten people work on every RFP response. Make collaboration a breeze by learning how to align people, processes, and technology with this eBook.

Increase your proposal win rates by simplifying collaboration
The saying “it takes a village” is especially relevant when it comes to creating tailored and persuasive sales proposals. After all, in today’s corporate world, collaboration—often virtually and across continents—is the norm. It’s up to you to get all proposal contributors and stakeholders on the same page so you can deliver competitive proposals on deadline and win more deals.

In this eBook, we’ll cover:

  1. Writing proposals using the “Is-Does-Means” approach
  2. Getting your SMEs started with draft proposal content
  3. Building a winning RFP response and proposal team
  4. Setting realistic proposal expectations with SMEs
  5. Starting work on proposals as soon as possible
  6. Staying ahead of proposal content version control
  7. Only creating proposals for well-fitting opportunities

Download this eBook to explore the seven proposal collaboration best practices of highly effective sales and proposal teams—and start winning more business!


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