Funding for B2B Startups, Walk on Mars with Google Maps!

January 24, 2018 2 minute read

Team Qvidian

Originally published in MarTech Advisor | 10/23/2017

by Parona Sen

With so much happening in the world of tech and martech, did you know that you can now go straight to Mars? Among other interesting facets like enhancing your brand’s end-user experience, and simplifying proposal content management, here’s what made the highlights of the week past.

Qvidian Teams Up with Microsoft Office 365, Simplifies Proposal Content Management
Cloud-based RFP provider Qvidian recently integrated with Microsoft Office 365, this new alignment will enable content experts to edit proposal content in MS Word, Excel and PPT formats as content moves through the workflow. Office 365 preserves earlier formatting and styles while allowing automatic syncing of content too. This will be useful to content marketers who manage content in bulk by providing easier updating of content and will boost time-saving efforts of content reviewers and managers.

Launch of Sitecore Experience Cloud™ to Optimize Contextual Customer Insights
Experience management software provider Sitecore unveiled their Sitecore Experience Cloud which will offer a wide range of content management and digital marketing features. These new features will help optimize experiences while also giving marketers new approaches for collecting customer data across touchpoints, real-time insights based on machine learning.

Monetate’s New Offerings to Deliver Better Personalized Experiences
Monetate, a solution-provider for personalization announced fresh enhancements to its Action Builder. These new features will allow marketers to deliver better personalized customer experiences without involving IT resources. The new enhancements that include various elements like inserting new content, editing existing content, lightboxes and countdown timers will help marketers improve end-user considerably.


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