Qvidian’s Latest Product Update to Hasten RFP Process

January 24, 2018 3 minute read

Team Qvidian

Originally published in MarTech Advisor | 4/26/2017

by Shabana Arora

Qvidian, a provider of cloud-based RFP and proposal automation software, today announced significant updates to its product that will optimize the end-to-end RFP and proposal process. The new features, which include AutoFill capabilities, RFP packages and proposal templates, will streamline the process of content creation, collection and management, helping companies move beyond manual processes and drive consistency and standardization throughout the RFP process.

RFP and proposal teams are tasked with quickly and efficiently delivering deal-winning proposals and documents for their organizations. This requires access to a full library of up-to-date and approved content, as well as the ability to easily communicate with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across different departments and offices to collect or draft responses when it does not already exist. With the turnaround time for RFPs continuing to shrink, RFP and proposal teams face myriad challenges in addition to meeting tight deadlines, including limited access to SMEs and stale content, driving increased risk of sales documents not finished on time or filled with inaccurate information.

“By listening to our customers and keeping our finger on the pulse of the various industries they support, we continue to innovate our product to meet their growing demands,” said Karen Meyer, vice president, product, Qvidian. “The latest Qvidian enhancements accelerate collaboration and leverage the intelligence of the organization so they can create the best response in the most efficient ways. The new RFP package functionality streamlines the process of building a complete RFP response. This helps RFP and proposal teams in creating a cohesive and consistent story that best positions the value of the company in each document that makes up the complete RFP package.”

The new updates include:

  • AutoFill capabilities– accelerates building the first draft of an RFP by automatically recommending and filling in the best answer. This new functionality is also used in future bids as the system continues to improve its answer recommendations by continuing to use the best content created by the SMEs.
  • RFP packages – beyond the question and answer document of an RFP, in which Qvidian automates the creation of content and assigns tasks to appropriate SMEs and writers, the RFP package compiles all required customer documents and aligns the final deliverable with the initial sales opportunity and customer requirements. This feature helps manage the process of completing all the documents, fosters collaboration to create multiple deliverables faster and guarantees a consistent and concise response throughout the various pieces that make up the RFP package.
  • Proposal templates–  Templates provide RFP and proposal teams with a starting point to structure package documents.

The updated Qvidian software is available now.

Source: https://www.martechadvisor.com/news/sales-enablement/qvidian-releases-new-product-to-empower-proposal-teams-to-work-more-intelligently/

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