Upland Proposal Automation Scalability – Amazon Web Services (AWS)

August 21, 2018 3 minute read

Jessie Barth

Company’s Qvidian request for proposal (RFP) and proposal automation software delivers enterprise-standardized navigation and future-proof scalability to streamline creating RFP and questionnaire responses and other essential sales content to help organizations increase win rates.

AUSTIN, Texas — August 21, 2018 — Upland Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: UPLD), a leader in cloud-based Enterprise Work Management software, today announced the latest release of Qvidian, its cloud-based request for proposal (RFP) and proposal automation software. This release features upgraded Qvidian navigation menus designed to increase existing user productivity and accelerate onboarding and adoption for new users. With this release, Qvidian has also completed migrating customers to its North American Amazon Web Services (AWS) location, which offers superior performance, strengthened security and compliance, and increased scalability.

Qvidian’s modernized navigation menus meet the standards of leading enterprise software solutions, making the software more intuitive and easier to both learn and master. Users can access the functionality they require faster, to accomplish more work in less time. Additionally, with AWS, all Qvidian users benefit from a superior database architecture, disaster recovery solution, and environmental monitoring. With datacenter locations in both the United States and Europe, users also benefit from increased client data storage flexibility and avoid latency.

“AWS is the undisputed cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service leader. With Qvidian running in AWS, we can innovate faster, take advantage of future technology capabilities available through AWS, and have enhanced flexibility to scale with customer needs,” said Sean Nathaniel, CTO and SVP of Workflow Automation Solutions at Upland Software. “We are excited about this upgrade and the agility it provides us to deliver results faster, so we meet the growing needs of both the industry and our customers.”

“Qvidian’s commitment to customer success is fully realized in their redesigned interface,” said Ryan B., a proposal writer and Qvidian customer. “By streamlining the user experience with a fresh yet familiar interface, Qvidian continues to deliver a premier RFP automation tool, which has improved our company’s RFP process, making it more efficient and effective.”

Key benefits include:

  • Complete a higher volume of projects faster with streamlined navigation
  • Accelerate new user adoption and decrease learning curves through intuitive enterprise-standard navigation
  • Software that can scale virtually limitlessly to meet the variable and growing demands of clients via AWS
  • Increased security and commitment to compliance via AWS, the industry leader in secure cloud solutions
  • Accelerated performance from AWS to decrease time users spend waiting for pages to load, searches to complete, and projects to build
  • Increased disaster recovery and data governance solutions with AWS data center locations in both the United States and Europe

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