Success Story

Jack Henry & Associates streamlined their RFP response process with Qvidian

With Qvidian, Jack Henry Banking improved collaboration, distributed workloads more evenly, and freed up time to focus on strategic priorities.

At Jack Henry & Associates (JHA), a four-person team handles the RFP response process and is tasked with answering roughly 100 RFPs every year—each averaging 700 questions. Before Qvidian, this volume took its toll. Each member worked individually, responsible for completing all of the RFPs for designated groups of sales reps.

People outside the RFP team felt the pain of inefficiencies, too: SMEs were tired of answering the same questions again and again. Responses from SMEs—when they arrived on time—were often rushed and last-minute. The team tried several different products to address these problems, but none did the job.

We documented every step in our process and discovered that Qvidian could either eliminate or streamline many steps, saving us valuable time while alleviating incredible pressure on all.
– Elizabeth Grissom
Sr. RFP Proposal Analyst, JHA

Qvidian prompted the JHA team to take a step back and reassess their existing RFP response process. Using Qvidian, they slashed the time needed to complete necessary steps while completely eliminating others. When they were finished, they’d designed a faster, less cumbersome approach.

The relationship between proposal analysts and SMEs has improved, too. Instead of emailing out questions by copying and pasting them into emails or word documents, analysts request SME insights directly through Qvidian. When responses come back, it’s also easy for analysts to review and incorporate them. With the time they’ve saved, proposal analysts now have space to tackle strategic projects.

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