Success Story

NetApp saves days’ worth of work on proposals with Qvidian

NetApp used Upland Qvidian to streamline their RFP response and presentation processes, trading in one-off approaches for a strategy that saved buckets of time.

NetApp, a $6.2 billion company, needed to keep over 3,000 field sales reps up to date on over 25 products and solutions. Even more daunting was making sure that information found its way into proposals and sales presentations and always stuck to the company’s rigorous brand standards. Sales reps were used to creating draft proposals and presentations themselves, which often took several days per project and cut into facetime with prospects. They saved time by using proposals with Qvidian.

“Thanks to Qvidian, we are saving our sales reps three days of work, far exceeding our original expectations. We’re improving efficiencies in the field and boosting revenue.”

— Lisa Priapi, Proposal Manager, Global Sales Operations


Proposals with Qvidian helped NetApp consolidate content and revamp their processes.

Sales reps now submit RFPs to proposal coordinators who, armed with Qvidian, can complete proposal drafts faster and to higher standards. Coordinators pull approved, formatted content directly from their Qvidian library and use pre-built templates to create complete selling documents. These same Qvidian document templates make it easy for a sales rep to go from an idea to a tailored sales presentation that’s accurate and brand-compliant in minutes. The result? An increase in productivity and the company’s bottom line.

Proposals with Qvidian helped NetApp radically increased productivity and morale.

These days, sales reps spend less time writing drafts and more time focusing on their prospective customers. Proposal managers have instant access to a content library that is current and meets corporate brand standards, so they can easily assemble and tailor top-notch RFP responses and proposals that win more deals.

With Qvidian, NetApp can now consistently offer RFP response, proposal, and sales presentation development services that collectively save field sales reps thousands of hours each year. “Now we’re providing our field sales team with easier access to the information they need to win new business,” said Priapi.

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