Manage Your Pre-Written Content More Strategically

Are you getting the best out of your pre-written content? Too many content libraries suffer from common woes:
  • Content that’s always a little out of date
  • Continuing struggle to chase subject matter experts for updates
  • Too little time to ensure that every answer’s superbly written and designed
  • Cut and paste into the final proposal – not “cut and paste and tailor” (i.e. merely writing poor proposals faster)

In the absence of a magic wand, we’ll draw on our award-winning work helping proposal teams to set up, maintain and refresh their approach to pre-written content management. We’ll share twelve top tips you can use to test your approach. We’ll show how you can refresh tired libraries. And, we’ll focus on the benefits that a best-in-class approach can bring; after all, understanding this is critical to securing the necessary sponsorship.


RFP Automation

Lorraine Baird
Director, Strategic Proposals

Highly regarded bid and proposal specialist, with additional skills in training, recruitment, coaching and management. Lorraine specializes in helping organizations to win the right business, cost-effectively. Thrives on leading teams at all levels, in any organization, and developing strategies, to achieve a successful outcome. 2018 BESMA nominee (British Excellence in Sales Management Awards).


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