Reference Enablement

Enable Customer Advocacy to Power New Revenue

Ditch the days of running your customer reference program of an Excel spreadsheet and make it world-class. RO Reference Enablement is a full-service platform for managing all aspects of a robust customer reference program. It serves as the central system of record for your customer reference database. The deep administrative and reporting functionality helps you efficiently manage, protect, and leverage the voice of the customer in sales and marketing activities, from live customer references (calls, site visits, speaker, etc.) along with produced customer content (case studies, testimonials, video interviews, etc.) to impacting revenue in a buyer-preferred, trusted format.

Centralized Customer Reference Library

Purpose-built customer reference applications enable companies to have a database designed to store all of its customer reference information in one central place. Increase visibility, self-service, and access to accurate information about customers in real-time. Configurable search wizards enable users to search, find, and formally request the customer reference and marketing assets they need instantly.

Automated Review & Approval Workflows

Centralized, formalized reference request and nomination workflows helps speed up turn-around times on customer reference requests and reduces the burden on reference managers. With RO Innovation, optimize customer reference request and nomination workflows, while protecting your customer relationships from overuse. Plus, track revenue influence from customer requests and marketing activities.


Activate Your Customers

To gain the modern B2B buyer’s trust faster, more effectively, and more persuasively, B2B sellers need to let someone ELSE talk with your buyer: your happy customers. Research shows when customer referrals, customer advocacy, and customer references are incorporated throughout the full spectrum of the B2B buyer’s journey, buyer trust is built faster and your value message is received with higher credibility.

Grow Your Program

Grow the size of your customer advocacy program through increased customer reference nominations, customer advocate recruitment, and additional customer stories and content with RO Innovation. RO Innovation’s workflows and best practice strategies have the capabilities to get you there.

Prove Your Impact

RO Reference Enablement is designed to capture information necessary for important customer advocacy program reports, including impact on revenue. Customer reference managers appreciate being able to closely monitor program progress, enabling them to concisely present meaningful data to executive stakeholders and make recommendations for the future.

Enable Your Customer Advocates to Drive Bigger Results