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With the proliferation of the internet and accessibility to digital media, there is no doubt that you can reach your audience much easier today than ever before. However, this means brands must compete more aggressively for an individual’s attention. Engaging audiences creatively demands interactive content that not only entertains but also challenges and excites them.

Quizzes tick all these boxes along with providing your participants the opportunity to publicly display their prowess by posting results on social media and sharing to compete with friends. That does sound like a recipe for a viral promotion. So, let’s make quiz generation easier for you!

Introducing Generative AI for Trivia Quiz Generation

Before you roll your eyes and think, “Yet another product with AI?”, try to remember the last time you created a trivia quiz promotion. How much time did you spend choosing a topic, conducting research, ideating, and then crafting questions of suitable difficulty for your audience? From there, you still have to come up with options for your multiple-choice questions that are close enough to confuse your audience yet keep them motivated to complete the quiz. The process can be complex and time-consuming.

At Second Street we believe in utilizing the power of AI to empower you and clear the clutter of the mundane, so you have time to be creative and design promotional campaigns that drive revenue. To help you achieve that goal, we’re pleased to announce our brand new Second Street AI Quiz Generator. Keep reading for an overview and explanation of this exciting new feature.

What is the Second Street AI Quiz Generator?

As you’re probably aware, generative AI models utilize natural language processing to understand your questions, and machine learning to process huge volumes of complex datasets to give you appropriate results. They have simple interfaces and mimic human interaction making it a breeze to use.

GPT–4 Turbo version of ChatGPT, the most popular chatbot, is the artificial intelligence that Second Street is now equipped with to help you generate trivia quizzes in less than 90 seconds. Apart from cutting down on hours of effort, some of the less obvious benefits of this new feature include:

  • Personalization: Based on your audience’s interests and the sponsor’s goals, ChatGPT can provide you with questions that are engaging and topical
  • Scalability: Create numerous quizzes on a wide variety of topics to educate your audience without having to worry about resource constraints
  • Adaptability: You can include questions on different topics and with varying difficulty levels within the same quiz to gauge your audience’s interests and inform your marketing strategy

How It Works

Using the quiz generator powered by OpenAI to generate trivia questions for your quizzes is a no-brainer. Within your Second Street dashboard, select the “Generate Using AI” button in your Quiz setup area.

Once the following quiz generator interface opens, answer the few critical pieces of information requested by the generator. The most important input that you need to provide is the prompt. This is the instruction you are providing to ChatGPT to generate a set of questions. So, naturally if the prompt is unclear, the questions generated will likely be irrelevant. Here are some tips to ensure you get the best results:

  • Write your prompt as a single sentence.
  • Avoid one-word prompts and run-on sentences.
  • Be specific about the topic of your prompt. Specify the person, place, genre, sport, time period, etc, so that the AI tool has more context to work with.
  • Sometimes the sequence of the words in your prompt can be confusing to the AI tool. Simply rewording a prompt can provide better results.

Next, specify the number of questions you want your quiz to have (up to 12) and the number of answers each question should have (up to 6). Lastly, select if you want the AI tool to produce outcomes or not. Typically, 4 outcomes are generated and listed from worst to best. Each outcome includes a title and some encouraging description text.

Think you have entered all the right inputs in the AI Quiz Generator interface? Hit “Generate” and watch as AI creates relevant questions for you. Depending on the number of questions, this process normally takes between 45 to 75 seconds. Once complete, the “Review” page displays the AI-generated questions and possible answer options as shown below.

You will be able to uncheck any question you do not want to use. The “only show selected questions” toggle will hide any question you uncheck. If you like your results but need more, click the “Add More Questions” button. This will add another set of questions to the existing ones you already have. However, if you are not satisfied with the questions that have been presented, fret not, click the “Revise Topic” button to go back and edit your prompt.

If you want to include questions about several different topics within the same quiz, you can do so by clicking the “Generate Using AI” button again to add more questions using a different prompt than your first set of questions.

When you are satisfied with your results, click “Save”, and your chosen questions, answers, and outcomes (if opted) will be automatically set up for you in the appropriate locations. You can further edit the text and add images to personalize your quizzes. And voila! You’ve created an engaging quiz in a matter of minutes.

Important Considerations When Using AI

Always Review for Accuracy

Like any generative AI tool, ChatGPT generates responses based on the data it has. This means it may return values and information that may be factually incorrect with respect to people, places, or facts. Please be advised to verify and ensure the correctness of questions and the answer options.

Keep in mind, however, that ChatGPT has its own built-in safeguards to prevent it from returning inappropriate results. Second Street’s interface further limits the use of the AI so that it can only return data for quiz questions and outcomes.

Be Mindful of Data Security

Only the topics that you enter in the AI Quiz Generator’s prompt field, the number of questions, and answer options that you input are shared with OpenAI. Second Street’s use of ChatGPT does not provide the AI tool with access to any personally identifiable information, account information, or analytics. However, this also means you should be mindful of the information you include in your prompts, and refrain from sharing sensitive or private information through the AI tool’s prompt feature.

It’s Time to Get Started

Ready to grow your database with quizzes? Check out some of the quizzes that have exceeded expectations for our partners to get your creative juices flowing. Or if you need a little help strategizing methods to best execute your vision, feel free to contact your customer success manager.

Not a Second Street customer just yet? Request a demo to see how you can start creating captivating campaigns that grow and engage your audience.

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