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Julie Foley Senior Customer Success Manager


With the chance to win a 4th of July package including hotel, food, and parking, this sweepstakes by WLEX-TV in Lexington, KY reeled in 2,463 entries. It was sponsored by the hotel and allowed the advertiser to see who was traveling, or who wanted to, in the near future based on the travel-themed prize. By including an email opt-in the sponsor would have a large database of hot leads to target with future marketing campaigns.

Museum Hotel Sweeps


Pitch this quiz to hotel and lodging facilities to engage their market. Travelers will enjoy seeing their outcome from this personality quiz, and the advertiser now has a good pool of people who they know may make use of their services. Add lead-generation questions, such as “How many nights do you typically stay when you take a vacation?” or “What facilities are most important to you besides your room?” to obtain this information, and you’re set.

Hotel Type Quiz

Photo Contests

A Summer Travel photo contest is a fantastic way to engage your audience. Travel pictures are fun to look at and spark wanderlust in those who view them. And when you include an outstanding prize of a free hotel stay or other valuable vacation package, you’ll be sure to encourage tons of entries and votes from potential consumers making this a great contest to pitch to those who run lodging and travel accommodation businesses.

Summer Travel Photo Contest

For even more ideas, download the Seller’s Guide. This handy tool has campaign ideas, prize ideas, lead-generation questions, and more for over 40 top advertising categories.

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