103 Ideas for a Year of Brackets

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Liz Huff Senior Director, Customer Success


  • Workout Song Face-Off
  • Top Trainers Bracket Challenge
  • Science Fiction Movie Showdown (Tip – Science Fiction Day is January 2)
  • Tastiest Smoothie Showdown
  • Battle of the Best Dressed Doggo (Tip – Dress Up Your Pet Day is January 14)
  • The Ultimate Cheese Challenge (Tip – Cheese Lovers Day is January 20)
  • Battle of the Baby Gear

Baby Gear bracket mockup


  • Top Pizza Toppings Bracket (Tip – Pizza Day is February 9)
  • Romantic Comedy Movie Bracket Challenge
  • Greatest TV Love Story of All Time Showdown
  • Clash of the Cheesiest V-Day Gift
  • Ultimate Heartbreak Anthem Bracket
  • Best Picture (or Actress, Actor, etc) of the Year Bracket
  • Top Local Date Spots Bracket
  • Hardest Yoga Pose Bracket (Tip – World Yoga Day is February 22)
  • Happy Hour Margarita Mania (Tip – Margarita Day is February 22)
  • Worst Thing About Winter Bracket Challenge

Margarita Mania bracket mockup



  • Marching Band Mania (Tip – Marching Band Day is March 4)
  • Book Brawl (Tip – World Book Day is March 5)
  • Cereal Smackdown Bracket
  • Battle of the Spring Break Destinations
  • Best Local Irish Pub (Tip – St. Patrick’s Day is March 17)
  • Bark Bracket (Tip – World Puppy Day is March 23)

the bark bracket mockup


  • Battle of the Lawn Care Must-Haves (Tip – April is Lawn and Garden month)
  • Spring Cleaning Product Smackdown
  • Battle of the Brews (Tip – Beer Day is April 7)
  • Ultimate Backpacking Snacks
  • Fan Favorite Baseball Moments
  • Clash of the Neighborhoods
  • Battle of the Cheesiest (Tip – Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day is April 12)
  • Cycling Gear Bracket Challenge (Tip – Bicycle Day is April 19)

Clash of the Neighborhoods bracket mockup



  • Clash of the Meat Cuts BBQ Bracket (Tip – May is Barbecue Month)
  • Golf Gear Showdown Bracket (Tip – Golf Day is May 6)
  • Greatest Graduation Song Showdown
  • Worst Mother’s Day Gift Bracket (Tip – Mother’s Day is May 10)
  • Mom Must-Haves Mania
  • Bakery Brawl (Tip – World Baking Day is May 17)
  • Ultimate Wine Fight (Tip – Wine Day is May 25)
  • Battle of the Burgers (Tip – Hamburger Day is May 28)

Battle of the Burgers Bracket


  • Clash of the Camping Supplies (Tip – June is Camping Month)
  • Running Trails Rumble (Tip – Running Day is June 5)
  • The Great Donut Debate (Tip – Donut Day is June 5)
  • Summer Vacation Bracket Showdown
  • Buddy-Comedy Challenge (Tip – Best Friends Day is June 8)
  • Battle of the Gas Station Snack Showdown
  • Road Trip Song Throwdown
  • Favorite Local Kids Activity Face-off (Tip – Children’s Day is June 14)
  • Dad Joke Bracket Challenge (Tip – Father’s Day is June 21)
  • Top TV Dads Bracket

Docs donut bracket mockup


  • Top Places to Watch Fireworks
  • Sauce Showdown (Tip – Barbecue Day is July 4)
  • Fried Chicken Fight (Tip – Fried Chicken Day is July 6)
  • Chocolate Bar Challenge (Tip – World Chocolate Day is July 7)
  • Beat the Heat Battle
  • Festival Outfit Face-off
  • French Fry Fight (Tip – French Fries Day is July 13)
  • Summer Blockbusters Bracket
  • Tattoo Parlor Takedown (Tip – Tattoo Day is July 17)
  • Ultimate Junk Food Bracket (Tip – Junk Food Day is July 21)

Top Fireworks Spot bracket mockup



  • Fishing Gear Face-Off (Tip – August is Fishing Month)
  • Summer’s Over Sadness Bracket
  • Top Fishing Spots Showdown (Tip – August is Fishing Month)
  • Favorite Beaches Face-Off (Tip – Sandcastle Day is August 1)
  • School Supplies Showdown
  • 90’s Rock Showdown
  • Battle of the Best-Sellers (Tip – Book Lovers Day is August 9)
  • Best Joke Brouhaha (Tip – Tell a Joke Day is August 16)

90s Rock Showdown Bracket mockup


  • Baby Proofing Must-Haves Challenge (Tip – September is Baby Safety Month)
  • Football Fan Favorites
  • School Mascot Showdown
  • Stadium Food Challenge
  • Tailgating Recipes (Tip – National Tailgating Day is September 5)
  • Clash of the Classic Arcade Games (Tip – Video Games Day is September 12)
  • Country Music Heartthrob Bracket Challenge (Tip – Country Music Day is September 17)
  • Top Local Tourism Spots (Tip – Tourism Day is September 27)
  • Top Quarterback of All Time
  • Most Important Emoji Bracket

Clash of the Quarterbacks bracket mockup


  • Fall Colors Face-Off
  • Top Taco Spots Showdown (Tip – Taco Day October 4)
  • Local Food Favorites (Tip – World Food Day is October 16)
  • Scariest Halloween Movie Showdown
  • Top Halloween Songs Spook-Off
  • Clash of the Classic Halloween Costumes
  • Best Halloween Candy Bracket
  • Pumpkin Recipes Rivalry (Tip – Pumpkin Day is October 26)

stlmag food fight bracket


  • Clash of the Candies Challenge (Tip – Candy Day is November 4)
  • The Great Nacho-Off (Tip – Nacho Day is November 6)
  • Favorite Historical Athletes
  • Kid’s Menu Mania
  • Thanksgiving Side Dish Smackdown
  • Fast Food Favorites (Tip – Fast Food Day is November 16)
  • Top Late Night TV Hosts Challenge (Tip – World Television Day is November 21)

Thanksgiving Side Dish Showdown


  • Cookie Recipes Rivalry (Tip – Cookie Day is December 4)
  • Battle of the Bagels (Tip – Have a Bagel Day is December 11)
  • The Great Gingerbread House (Tip – Gingerbread House Day is December 12)
  • Most Overplayed Christmas Song Smackdown
  • Favorite Christmas Toy Face-off
  • Concert of the Year Bracket
  • Hit Song of Year Bracket
  • Biggest News Story of the Year Bracket
  • Best New Artist of the Year Bracket
  • Favorite New Car of Year Bracket
  • Favorite Book of the Year Bracket

Most Overplayed Christmas Song

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