Success Story

Pollution Prevention Quiz Drives Massive Engagement, Revenue & Opt-Ins

Learn how Federated – Fort Wayne helped their local city utilities company educate their audience and increase pollution prevention awareness.

Case Study Highlights

  • $7,500 in revenue
  • 500+ pledged to keep the river clear
  • 200+ sponsor opt-ins
  • Sponsor now continuously returns for promotion opportunities

The Idea

Ryan Williams and the team at Federated – Fort Wayne partnered with Fort Wayne City Utilities to help them educate their audience about the ways they can prevent pollution in their rivers and to increase Fort Wayne City Utilities’ database.

The Execution

The Federated – Fort Wayne team curated a quiz that was run for 3 weeks that focused on educating the public about river pollution and how to keep the rivers clean. Within the quiz itself, they provided:​

  • A sponsor opt-in
  • Opt-in to pledge to keep rivers clean
  • Logo and ‘Clean the Drains Day’ date included in header image
  • Link to registration for ‘Clean the Drains Day’

They also included a multi-media package, leaning on the popularity of their morning radio team:


  • :60 spots run over a 4 week period encouraging people to sign up to participate in Clean the Drains Day
  • Live remote with radio show at Clean Drains Fest

Social Media

  • A recorded series of videos – 2 Facebook posts and 1 Instagram post – with the K105 Morning Team encouraging listeners to adopt neighborhoods to clean and mark storm drains to help curb pollution that goes into rivers
  • Federated Media staff themselves helped clean a strip of road to prevent river pollution


  • Three emails sent during the campaign – 2 invite emails to promote the quiz and 1 single email promoting the Clean Drains Fest

The Results

This environmental, educational campaign allowed the Federated – Fort Wayne team to secure $7,500 in revenue, and when they followed up with Fort Wayne City Utilities at the end of the campaign, they confirmed that there was a noted increase in signups and interest for Clean Drains. The quiz helped persuade 500+ participants to pledge to keep the river clean, 200+ participants to opt-in to receive more information from Fort Wayne City Utilities, and 32% to like Friends of the Rivers Fort Wayne on Facebook.

Following the success of this campaign, Fort Wayne City Utilities continue to come back for more promotion opportunities to help engage their community in other efforts like mercury pollution awareness and proper grease disposal tips. The Federated – Fort Wayne team has said that the results of each promotion essentially sells the next one – proving the power of retention with promotions!

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