5 Steps to Ensuring 2021 Revenue Success

2021 may look a bit different, but see how you can make it your biggest revenue year yet!

Key Takeaways

Big Advertisers & Current Initiatives

Start by looking at big advertisers who are prepared with budgets that can cover larger sponsorship investments. See which initiatives you currently have on your calendar and where you can expand those into a bigger campaign.

Find success with expanding current initatives

Recurring Revenue

Now more than ever, it’s important to have consistent income all year long. This is one of the most efficient ways to sell. You sell the campaign one time, and you have checks coming in every month – freeing your sales team up to sell other sponsorships.

Make your sales process more efficien

Lead-Gen Campaigns

Your advertisers need leads. Creating a campaign optimized to deliver quality leads will establish your credibility with an advertiser. When they’re confident in your abilities, they’ll be eager to continue to work with you on future campaigns.

Establish credibility when you deliver leads

Second Street National Sweepstakes

Second Street is providing six national sweepstakes – FREE – for all of our customers. These campaigns have big prizes, attract a large audience, and are ideal for selling to advertisers looking for a lot of branding, database growth, and lead-gen!

Take advantage of the Second Street provided contests

Citywide Best Of Ballots

These campaigns are HUGE revenue and audience builders. And yes, they’re successful even during a pandemic! The average revenue growth we see is 30% YOY, and if you’ve never done one of these before, we want to help you get started!

Top revenue AND audience generator!


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