Second Street Master Class

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Watch the Second Street Master Class on-demand to help get your promotions and interactive content strategy back on track for the rest of 2022 and beyond!

Day 1: Why Promotions?
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In this session, we review how promotions tie to YOUR top goals and show you how to build out the right plan that engages your audience and drives revenue for your company.  Plus, top tips for tackling some of your top struggles, like getting your sales team engaged, finding the right people, and building out a plan with the right mix of promotions for you to get maximum results.

Day 2: Driving results for top advertiser categories
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We have THE list of top advertiser categories that are spending right now – and case studies to show you how you can capture those dollars! Watch this session to see WHICH advertiser categories to target, WHAT to say to them, and HOW to drive measurable results that will lead to more sales!

Day 3: How to engage your audience and grow your database with promotions
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As a content team, you are tasked with not only growing your audience, but also KNOWING your audience.  Promotions are an important tool that you MUST have in your toolbox when it comes to your audience strategy. In this session, we cover how promotions can grow your database, what the best promotions are for engaging your audience, and how to use promotions to get to know your audience better!

Day 4: Generating the most revenue from your Ballot
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Ballots continue to be the biggest revenue driver for many companies – are you doing all you can to drive maximum revenue? In this session, we review the best practices, how to sell your ballot, all the revenue generating features you MUST take advantage of, and how to generate internal excitement among your team.

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Meet our panel of experts

Liz Huff

Sr. Director, Customer Success

Julie Foley

Sr Customer Success Manager

Matt Hummert

Customer Success Manager

Ellen Trunk

Manager, Customer Success

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