An Extremely Busy Year for Ultriva Engineering

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Ultriva Engineering delivered various updates to the Ultriva 7.x software product last year. Some of these updates are minor bug fixes and some are new or enhanced features to the software based on customer inputs. We delivered Ultriva 7.6 recently and this version alone had about 15 new or enhanced features. Almost all of these 15 features grew out of our customer feedback. We take our customer input seriously and quickly incorporate their ideas and requests through our agile product development approach.  In comparison, such releases are uncommon in traditional onsite software products.

Additionally, our engineering team added so many new integration points to our Oracle Connector that it can be “plug-n-play” with the Oracle ERP system. Recently we upgraded one of our customers to Ultriva version 7.6 and also added a new plant to their deployment without any glitches. This customer instance has been integrated with their Oracle ERP 12.x and they are using our “out of the box” Oracle connector. Our customer sent a thank you email to our support that read, “Please advise the Ultriva engineers that it all worked right out of the box! (High fives all around!)”.

Currently our out of the box Oracle Connector supports more than 15 different interface points and they work seamlessly with an existing Oracle ERP system.

We also added Web (RESTful) API to our product and currently it is in use at a few customer sites for their real-time reporting. These customers are extremely happy with the result that they are getting through Web API.

Most of our customers are either now on Ultriva 7.6 version or in the process of migrating to this new version. Our unique approach allows our customers to upgrade to the newer version at their own pace because our customers need to do a few rounds of testing to make sure their integration with their on-site ERP system is working as expected.

I credit this fast transition with new and enhanced features to our unique architecture and core engineering team for keeping up with our customer feedback. In fact, we take our customer feedback as our number one priority.

I am looking forward to the rest of 2014 with more features that are scheduled to be released, and am also looking forward to integrating the new customers that are planning to “go live” with Ultriva this quarter.

Pushparaj Shanmugam,
Director of Engineering

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