Integrate your supply chain and manufacturing processes

Silos slow down everything. Transition from reactive to proactive supply chain and manufacturing operations management.

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Upland Ultriva’s Lean Factory Management levels, sequences, and schedules production operations, provides real-time updates on manufacturing order status, and automatically captures and reports on production key performance indicators. When deployed with Ultriva’s Collaborative Supply Portal solution organizations realize the added benefits of automated e-Kanban signaling to upstream work centers and to the raw material warehouse based on consumption scans by technicians.

Manufacturing operations management the way it should be

Ultriva’s Lean Factory Management module automatically tracks your entire production operation from work orders staged to completion. You’ll always know where your orders are – sub-assembly lines, final assembly, in packing and shipping.

Connect the top floor to shop floor for continuous information flow

  • Provide production planners and schedulers with access to up-to-the-minute information so they can make the best use of all available manufacturing resources.
  • Perform rough-cut and finite capacity analysis, adjust, validate, and then communicate changes to production.
  • React and recover from day-to-day disruptions and changes in business priorities.
  • Use near real-time data to monitor and report on production performance and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
Lean your manufacturing processes

Formalize and sustain lean production and continuous improvement on your shop floor to realize cost savings. Accurately report on manufacturing performance.

Work orders in, work orders out

Closed-loop replenishment system automatically releases and stages customer orders based on the sequencing rules you create.

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Eliminate bottlenecks and optimize equipment usage to meet customer demand. Report on OEE metrics based on daily machine capacity utilization and performance.

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