Enhance manufacturing quality and compliance control

Complete tracking, resolution, and reporting of any Nonconformity, Corrective, and Preventive Action (NC/CAPA) in your manufacturing operations.

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Ultriva’s Supplier Quality Management System corrective action and preventive action (CAPA) list shows all of the important tracking information needed to follow up and resolve any issues, such as the CAPA reference number, item number, supplier name, containment status, disposition status, follow up status, and start and due dates for completion. The CAPA list also shows purchase order number, line item number, and start and due dates for enhanced tracking identification.

Stay in control of what happens in your supply chain

Ultriva’s Supplier Quality Management System helps you quickly identify and resolve issues with your partners anywhere in your supply chain – at suppliers, during receiving or inspection, in production, or at the customer.

Problem-solve with your supply chain partners

Quickly categorize issues so everyone in your manufacturing operations and extended supply chain network can get started on corrective or preventative action plans.

  • Quarantine affected lots and set timelines for resolution and execution plans.
  • Set alerts and route exceptions based on your business workflow.
  • Provide your supply chain partners one central system to communicate and work together in real-time.
Ultriva’s Supplier Quality Management System offers a central system for manufacturers to communicate and collaborate with supply chain partners on all Nonconformity, Corrective Action & Preventative Action (NC/CAPA) plans.
Keep accurate history

Maintain full control of all NC/CAPA history in a secure cloud-based environment for regulatory compliance.

Work with reliable partners

Easily customize supplier quality ratings and dashboard displays based on what’s important to your business operations.

Set and maintain the highest quality standards

Automatically feed metrics from quality infractions to evaluate suppliers on a regular basis and keep quality standards where they need to be for compliance.

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