Collaborative Demand Portal

Take control of your customer demand

Use actual customer demand to produce the right mix and levels of finished goods inventory at your distribution centers and OEM customers.

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Upland Ultriva’s Collaborative Demand Portal shows a summary of item usage over the past 15, 30, and 90 days, suggested usage per day based on historical performance, associated safety stock days, auto-calculates number of cards (a.k.a. inventory lots) to add or delete, and the total value of the cards to be added or deleted based on unit cost.
Upland Ultriva’s Collaborative Demand Portal buyer dashboard shows the number of customer orders associated inventory items in-process and in-transit, total amount of on-hand inventory by location, and outstanding orders at supplier(s).

See your inventory like never before

Ultriva’s Collaborative Demand Portal provides central access to the actual consumption of finished goods so you can improve order fill rates and on-time delivery performance.

Sense and respond to actual customer demand

Synchronize manufacturing, distribution center, and supply chain operations based on actual customer demand.

  • Immediately respond to any change in customer demand patterns.
  • Right-size finished goods inventory levels based on actual customer consumption.
  • Track the movement of finished goods from distribution centers based on near real-time updates.
  • Successfully transition to demand-driven manufacturing to eliminate the bullwhip effect caused by inaccurate sales forecasts.
Proactive demand sensing and response

Implement pull-based replenishment with eKanban between distribution centers and manufacturing plants.

Find your best sourcing partners

Support multiple material flows with various partners throughout your extended enterprise supply chain all the way to end customers.

No more bull(whip)

Eliminate the multi-echelon bullwhip effect. Manage your inventory velocity and lead times based on the optimal flow of material one tier at a time.

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