Collaborative Supply Portal

Improve collaboration with your supply chain partners

Ensure your buyers and suppliers have complete visibility from order release to receipt in one central system so they can make fast, informed decisions.

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Upland Ultriva’s Collaborative Supply Portal dashboard presents actionable business intelligence on inventory health, order tracking, Materials Requirements Planning forecasts, planned orders and exceptions, automated alerts, ERP integration status, and more.
Upland Ultriva’s Collaborative Supply Portal buyer material status dashboard presents buyer and suppliers with up-to-the-minute information on the number of items available, daily material consumption trends, items are at risk of stock-out, past due orders, next scheduled delivery, and much more.

True supply chain collaboration and execution

Ultriva’s Collaborative Supply Portal synchronizes your raw material supply chain with actual material demand signals from the plant floor so the right materials are delivered in the right quantities at the right time.

Maintain maximum inventory velocity

Get 100% visibility of all orders from the release of purchase orders through receipt and put-away at your receiving docks.

  • Utilize supplier barcodes and scan RFID labels to get the most accurate inventory data updates.
  • Demand signals automatically release eKanban cards and help manage the material flow between buying and supplying work centers.
  • Close the loop on your manufacturing and supply chain processes with constant updates to your inventory between consuming and supplying units within the plant, between multiple plants, and out to external suppliers.
  • Get complete visibility of your inventory at the part level of what is on-hand, on-order, in process, in transit, in receiving or inspection.
Upland Ultriva’s Collaborative Supply Portal Order Tracking Dashboard automatically refreshes whenever the status of an order changes providing near real-time details about on-hand inventory, orders released but not acknowledged by suppliers, acknowledged and moved to in-process, at ship hub, in-transit, received at dock, and at put-away for storage.
A more practical way to communicate

Let your supply chain partners quickly and easily communicate and share important information in one central portal.

Improve material flow management

Collaboratively manage material flow between the buying and supplying work centers through the automated release of eKanban demand signals.

More accurate inventory data

See your inventory at the part level to know what’s on-hand, on-order, in process, in transit, in receiving or inspection.

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