For Manufacturing Companies, Small, Medium or Enterprise Size, the Pains are the Same.

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Mid-May was a busy time for Ultriva. In addition to connecting with our users at our annual Customer Conference, we were an exhibitor at NetSuite’s SuiteWorld 2014. SuiteWorld is Netsuite’s annual user conference for customers, partners, media, and industry analysts in San Jose, California.

First, some background on Ultriva. For many years, our business model has been to sell to Enterprise manufacturing companies. Our Lean Suite is ERP agonistic and integrates with over 20 different ERP systems. We are servicing over 200 enterprise customer plants and more than 8,000 suppliers, in over 20 countries worldwide. Most of these companies use our Collaborative Supplier Portal to on-board suppliers to gain true visibility.

Recently, we announced that our Collaborative Lean Suite has achieved the ‘Built for NetSuite’ verification, just in time for SuiteWorld. This new SuiteApp, integrates using NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Computing Platform, and will provide NetSuite manufacturing customers with Electronic Kanban and lean manufacturing solutions.

While at the SuiteWorld conference, our sales team was able to engage with NetSuite’s manufacturing customers, which are small and medium businesses.  One thing became evident; whether the company was enterprise-sized, or a small or medium manufacturing company, the problems are the same.

On the floor at SuiteWorld in San Jose, we heard from manufacturing companies on issues related to carrying excess inventory, part shortages, lack of control over production schedules and supplier performance. While the distribution companies complained about not able to carry the right mix of Finished Goods (FG) inventory, lack of supply chain visibility and excess inventory.

Ultriva’s Lean Suite provides a collaborative platform for companies to establish Electronic Kanban with their customers and suppliers, as well as provide lean manufacturing processes. All the Ultriva modules – Inventory Optimization Tool (IOT), Customer Kanban, Supplier Kanban and Lean Factory Management, will exchange data seamlessly with NetSuite ERP.

Ultriva is excited to partner with these NetSuite customers. By integrating Ultriva Lean Suite with the NetSuite ERP, small and medium business will now be able to:

  • Establish an End to end pull process to gain 100% visibility across the supply chain
  • Optimize inventory for Finished Goods , Work In Process and Raw Materials
  • Execute electronic Kanban replenishment with customers, distribution centers and suppliers
  • Increase inventory velocity to improve turns and service levels

I also wanted to emphasize that our Inventory Optimization Tool (IOT) module is a great starting point for small and medium businesses. Our IOT now integrates into the NetSuite ERP and utilizes a manufacturer’s historical data to uncover opportunities to reduce inventory and identify parts suitable for Kanban replenishment.

The Ultriva IOT identifies the potential inventory savings from historical NetSuite data and/or forecasts and can show estimated inventory savings. The tool is ideal for these small and medium-sized manufacturing and distribution companies that move materials across their global supply chain.

NetSuite Customers can directly contact Ultriva Sales at (408)-246-9803, or email (

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