Leveraging Investments in Oracle EBS with Ultriva Lean Suite

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Are you a manufacturing company that wishes to extend your existing business system to accomplish one or more of the following?  

  • Gain End to End Supply Chain Visibility (E2ESCV)
  • Reduce your lead time by moving to a Demand Driven Manufacturing model
  • Build trust in your supply chain through collaboration with suppliers and customers
  • Migrate to electronic Kanban replenishment with suppliers for having the right part at the right place
  • Increase your customer service levels by moving to consumption driven replenishment with your customers – OEMs, Distributors or Retailers.

Let Ultriva Lean Suite accomplish these goals and extend your investment in Oracle EBS

Ultriva Easily Integrates with Oracle EBS
Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of business applications for the enterprise. Ultriva solutions integrate Oracle EBS, quickly and cost effectively. This effectively leverages and extends the investments manufacturing firms have made in Oracle. Ultriva has identified, designed, tested, and deployed all of the standard interfaces required to bring the system up to speed, bring it online, and feed information to the Oracle ERP system. Ultriva is a validated Oracle Gold Partner.

Oracle customers gain full supply chain visibility via key performance indicators (KPIs) including continuous improvement metrics and real-time inventory health data (which eliminates stock-outs and drives inventory reduction.)

Now you see it. 
Manufacturers need to know what is coming in from suppliers, carry it through their bill process, and out the door to their customers. Once an order is shipped, manufacturers must know the location of the order, whether the supplier has accepted it, if they have they started working with it, and when are they going to ship.  For purchase orders in Oracle EBS, Ultriva provides this capability by providing 100% visibility up and down the supply chain, enabling complete supply-chain communication and collaboration.

How it Works.
Oracle EBS is the system of records, and Ultriva manages the material flow transactions, using Kanban signals. Consumption on the floor triggers an electronic Kanban signal that can interface with Oracle EBS to get a discrete purchase order (PO) or a release line against a blanket PO. Suppliers can receive this signal along with the PO and can execute the replenishment by remotely printing a Kanban label while shipping the goods, using Ultriva’s electronic Kanban. When the goods are received at the dock, they are scanned for auto generation of a PO receipt in Oracle EBS.

The Ultriva supplier portal enables customers to manage multiple plants with a single instance or multiple instances of The Oracle ERP system to deliver a single view of their global supply chain. It is not just Kanban signals, but also firm or planned orders from Oracle EBS that can be communicated through this unified interface.

Ultriva delivers results. Fast.
For Oracle EBS customers, Ultriva delivers reductions in inventory costs of 20% – 50%. Time to value? Ultriva has a demonstrated track record of producing 4-6x ROI in less than a year.

Ultriva goes in smoothly, for you and your partners.
Ultriva solutions deploy very quickly and smoothly.  A typical implementation, including Oracle EBS integration, is only 90 –120 days, which is lightning-fast for an enterprise-level solution. Of equal importance, because of Ultriva’s easy-to-use visual interface, most of your supply-chain members can be on-boarded in less than a day.

We’re just where you want us to be: in the Cloud.
Ultriva’s SaaS deployment model delivers the results you are looking for: easy updating, minimal investment in hardware and minimal IT overhead and support costs even if your Oracle EBS is on premise. Ultriva has a high level of supplier adoption, due to the fact no special hardware or software is needed for your suppliers, only an internet connection. Planners, buyers, material handlers, suppliers, and supply chain managers can access the application by using just a Web browser to get real-time inventory status, visibility into their materials, and metrics for continuous improvement.

Don’t fear the forecast.
Depending upon the magnitude of a change in a forecast, impacts can range from product lines being shut down to expensive overtime operations to excess inventory. Even if you are running ASCP in Oracle EBS, Ultriva eliminates this problem by helping you move from a forecast-based to demand-driven planning for your manufacturing operation.

Make your customers love you even more.
There can be gaps between your field organization’s customer commitments and what your manufacturing team can actually deliver. Ultriva helps you align your entire organization with the needs of your customers, increasing customer order performance and operational efficiency as well as keeping your customers happy with you.

Your suppliers want to improve. So help them.
KPIs are critical, and we provide you with many, but Ultriva goes a big step further by providing actionable reports that help your supply partners improve their performance with specific target areas. Two important reports of this type address your partners’ performance relative to lead times and maintenance of safety stock, respectively.

Use Ultriva all over the place.
User groups within Ultriva customer organizations include buyers, receiving departments, inspection departments, warehouses, planning departments and senior management. Ultriva has become a very important part of daily life.

Need proof?
Ultriva has achieved broad acceptance. We count dozens of the world’s leading manufacturers in our customer base. We are deployed at over 200 plants in over 20 countries. More than 8500 suppliers collaborate with their customers over Ultriva on a daily basis. Let us help you realize your supply chain goals utilizing and extending your Oracle EBS.

For Oracle specific case studies or more information:
Oracle Customers can directly contact Ultriva Sales at (408)-246-9803, or email (ultrivasales@ultriva.com).

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