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Magellan Aerospace, CareFusion, and Emerson have one thing in common: Ultriva by Upland. The leading corporations have each achieved significant success through complete supply chain visibility provided by the supplier portal.

Magellan Aerospace offers comprehensive gas turbine engine manufacturing solutions, including global supply chain integration, for commercial, defense, and industrial markets. It supplies highly complex components and assemblies, and provides maintenance services, component repair, and engine overhaul services to the world’s leading aerospace OEM’s. Aeroengine products supplied by Magellan include highly complex machined, fabricated, and composite assemblies as well as precision light alloy sand castings. Magellan provides higher levels of value to customers by combining state-of-the-art core manufacturing capabilities with global supply chain integration. Disciplined operating systems, common across all of Magellan’s manufacturing divisions, enable reliable management of operations.

CareFusion, a leading global medical technology company that specializes in the healthcare industry, is focused on reducing medication errors to improve the safety and cost of healthcare. The global corporation uses Ultriva to standardize practices and increase transparency across the company.

“The Ultriva cloud-based platform has a low barrier to entry and allows for an incredibly high level of standardization across all of our suppliers, which made it the obvious solution for CareFusion,” Scott Harvey, vice president of Operations at CareFusion said. “As a medical device company working in a highly regulated industry, it is imperative that we maintain a high level of transparency and accountability—something that Ultriva’s solutions provide for us and our suppliers.”

Emerson is a large corporation that deals in many areas of business. The company provides other businesses with technology, software, and advice as well as providing household consumers with appliance products for their homes. Emerson supplies other organizations which are embedded deeply in a supply chain themselves. Emerson gives supply chain advice and expertise to other companies, so naturally their own supply chain is top-notch. Emerson began using Ultriva’s Collaborative Supply Portal system to automate inventory, order, and shipping processes. Each piece of inventory has a barcode so that the system is able to be updated each time any action is taken. The system has helped Emerson run lean business practices.

“Our mission is to provide greater transparency and collaboration between manufacturers and their supply chain partners,” Narayan Laksham, Ultriva’s founder said. “Ultriva’s customers have experienced an average 35% increase in inventory velocity along with across-the-board improvements in employee productivity and supply chain decision-making. We will continue to work closely with our customers to deliver even greater value through ultra-responsive, demand-driven supply chains. This is why so many global enterprises, regardless of industry sector find this supplier portal to be the best for all to have one version of the truth.”

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