Ultriva SaaS Version 7.6 Automates Advanced Bill of Lading in Oracle

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Upland Admin

Every product release, whether it is a major version or a dot release, is an exciting time for a software development team.  As the development manager leading the Ultriva 7.6 release, we had to go through a different kind of rigor as the enhancements were spread across multiple application modules.

Some of the key features covered in 7.6 version include auto generation of Purchase Orders in to PDFs, streamlining of production sequencing, inventory cost analysis report, an improved Kanban board and auto resizing wizard. But the feature that is closest to my heart (as I was responsible for its design and development) was Advanced Bill of Lading (BOL).

The new Bill of Lading (BOL) feature is an extension of the existing Master Label functionality. The “Master Label” allows suppliers to consolidate their individual shipments in to a pallet or a truck load and print a single label with a bar code for receipt. The suppliers using this Master Label feature for shipping can now print a shipping manifest (BOL) from Ultriva and attach it to the shipment. The additional data needed for the BOL can be customized per customers’ request. The master label information is used as an advanced shipping notice (ASN) by the buying plant, and the information is integrated in to Oracle EBS.

Several Ultriva customers use the new Bill of Lading feature between their plants (inter-org), and their sister plants for moving goods between them. The data is integrated into Oracle EBS as an inter-org transaction; while other customers who only use the Master Label it is integrated as an ASN in to Oracle EBS. This feature is an extension of the existing Master Label functionality yet the BOL is generated as a PDF document- based on respective customer templates. (see more on our Oracle Partnership page).

When customers deploy the version 7.6 to extend their End to End pull technology, they can now streamline it in the Oracle EBS. Currently Oracle customers are taking manual decisions, based on reports for current inventory levels which lead to loss of productivity and data errors.

Ultriva software allows manufacturers to utilize e-Kanban to optimize the supply chain with an ability to improve the inventory velocity.  The new version of 7.6 extends the customer’s ability to align their supply with true demand, thereby migrating from a reactive management approach to a proactive, end-to-end pull-based material replenishment system. Ultriva has deployed this type of solution across many large multi-national customers worldwide. If you would like to learn more about Ultriva solutions, please schedule a demo.

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