A Proven Management Team With Decades of Experience

Meet the leaders who guide the Upland team in building our business and enabling 100% success for our customers.

  • Jack McDonald

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

    Jack McDonald leads Upland’s overall strategic direction, acquisition, integration, and growth strategies.


  • Tim Mattox

    President and Chief Operating Officer

    Tim Mattox leads Upland’s sales, marketing, development, operations, human resources, and product areas.


  • Mike Hill

    Chief Financial Officer

    Mike Hill leads Upland’s finance and corporate development organizations.


  • Mounir Hilal

    EVP and Chief Customer Officer

    Mounir Hilal oversees Upland’s Project & IT Management Solutions. He is also responsible for Upland’s Customer Success Program, driving adoption, value realization, retention, and loyalty for all Upland customers.


  • Jed Alpert

    EVP and General Manager

    Jed Alpert oversees Upland’s Customer Experience Management (CXM) Solutions. He is also responsible for translating Upland’s strategy and vision into effective marketing communications.


  • Paul Miller

    SVP of Operations and Chief Information Officer

    Paul Miller leads Upland’s core operational functions including sales operations, business operations, cloud operations, and IT.


  • Karen Cummings

    SVP and General Manager

    Karen Cummings oversees Upland’s Document Automation Solutions. She is responsible for the go-to-market for products that securely digitize and automate document-intensive processes.

  • Patrick Morrissey

    SVP and General Manager

    Patrick Morrissey oversees Upland’s Enterprise Sales Optimization Solutions. He is responsible for the go-to-market for products that synchronize revenue teams from initial lead to customer advocacy.

  • Jim Rudden

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Jim Rudden is responsible for all aspects of Upland’s marketing, including product marketing, customer acquisition, demand generation, and brand development.


  • Kevin Sequeira

    SVP of Product Management

    Kevin Sequeira leads Upland’s product management team to deliver customer-driven innovation across product lines.


  • Kin Gill

    SVP, General Counsel and Secretary

    Kin Gill is responsible for worldwide legal affairs and advises the company’s board on legal, compliance, and corporate governance matters.


  • Rochelle Delley

    VP of Security and Compliance

    Rochelle Delley leads Upland’s global security and compliance policies and programs.


  • Austin Woody

    SVP of M&A and Corporate Development

    Austin Woody leads Upland’s acquisitions and corporate development team.


  • Ian Burk

    SVP of Integration

    Ian Burk leads Upland’s integration operations and acts as transitional General Manager for acquired companies.


  • Amber Bennett

    VP of Finance

    Amber Bennett leads Upland’s strategic and financial planning organization.


  • Jen Verzal

    VP of Human Resources

    Jen Verzal leads Upland’s Human Resources and is responsible for building a culture of smart, positive, and creative team members.


  • Chad Greeley

    SVP Enterprise Sales, North America

    Chad Greeley leads Upland’s sales organization in North America.


  • Dominic Aelberry

    VP of EMEA

    Dominic Aelberry leads Upland’s sales, customer success, and services outside of the North America.