A Proven Management Team With Decades of Experience

Meet the leaders who guide the Upland team in building our business and enabling 100% success for our customers.

  • Jack McDonald

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

    Jack McDonald leads Upland’s overall strategic direction, acquisition, integration, and growth strategies.


  • Tim Mattox

    President and Chief Operating Officer

    Tim Mattox leads Upland’s sales, marketing, development, operations, human resources, and product areas.


  • Mike Hill

    Chief Financial Officer

    Mike Hill leads Upland’s finance and corporate development organizations.


  • Mounir Hilal

    Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer

    Mounir Hilal oversees Upland’s Project & IT Management products. He is also responsible for Upland’s Customer Success Program, driving adoption, value realization, retention, and loyalty for all Upland customers.


  • Sean Nathaniel

    Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

    Sean Nathaniel oversees Upland’s Workflow Automation products. He is also responsible for translating Upland’s product vision into cloud applications that deliver world-class reliability, scalability, and performance.


  • Jed Alpert

    Executive Vice President and General Manager

    Jed Alpert oversees Upland’s Customer Experience Management (CXM) Solutions. He is also responsible for translating Upland’s strategy and vision into effective marketing communications.


  • Rochelle Delley

    Vice President of Security and Compliance

    Rochelle Delley leads Upland’s global security and compliance policies and programs.


  • Paul Miller

    Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

    Paul Miller leads Upland’s core operational functions including sales operations, business operations, and marketing.


  • Kin Gill

    Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

    Kin Gill is responsible for worldwide legal affairs, including the development and implementation of the company’s overall legal strategy. Kin also advises the company’s board and management on legal, compliance, and corporate governance matters.


  • Kevin Sequeira

    Senior Vice President of Product Management

    Kevin Sequeira leads Upland’s product management team and is responsible for delivering customer-driven innovation across Upland’s product lines.


  • Ian Burk

    Senior Vice President of Integration

    Ian Burk leads Upland’s integration operations and acts as transitional General Manager for acquired companies.


  • Amber Bennett

    Vice President of Finance

    Amber Bennett leads Upland’s strategic and financial planning organization.


  • Jen Verzal

    Vice President of Human Resources

    Jen Verzal leads Upland’s Human Resources and is responsible for building a culture of smart, positive, creative people who are respected for their unique talents and empowered to do their jobs well.


  • Austin Woody

    Vice President of M&A and Corporate Development

    Austin Woody leads Upland’s acquisitions and corporate development team.


  • Dominic Aelberry

    Vice President of EMEA
    Dominic Aelberry leads Upland’s sales, customer success, and services outside of the North America.