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Altify solutions simplify complex sales so sellers can focus on what they do best, forging connections, delivering clarity, and fostering collaboration natively in Salesforce.

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Altify Insights

Check out our latest solution, Altify Insights, built to elevate team collaboration, build customer intimacy, and drive revenue by enabling you to understand who the key buyer decision makers are, and how you solve their challenges.

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Revenue growth isn’t easy. But it can be simplified.

Achieving revenue growth demands not only acquiring new customers but also retaining and expanding existing accounts, adding a layer of complexity to the sales process. Sales organizations must balance and manage the constant pressure to meet short-term targets while prioritizing and executing against longer-term strategic goals.


80% of the value achieved by successful growth companies comes from existing customers.


The typical buying group for complex B2B purchases involves six to ten decision makers.


Higher win rate for trusted partners vs approved vendors.

Maximize your sales effectiveness.

Activate one or more Altify solutions for enhanced buyer insights, sales cycles, pipeline identification, deal execution, and more to deliver revenue growth.

Altify Insights

Unleash the power of connections.

  • Understand who key players are, and how you solve their business challenges.
  • Refocus sellers on insight into buyers motivations to align with customer goals.

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Altify Sales Process

Accelerate sales cycles.

  • Map an effective, repeatable sales process to your customer’s buying cycle.
  • Track progress and enable predictive insights for more accurate forecasting.

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Altify Opportunities

Boost deal size and win rates.

  • Assess and qualify new deals to pursue opportunities you can win.
  • Collaborate across the entire revenue team to create winning strategies.

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Altify Accounts

Unlock new growth potential.

  • Identify gaps and opportunities to grow and retain revenue.
  • Enable greater team visibility and collaboration on your key accounts.

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Intentional selling

Account and opportunity plans that sellers and sales leaders can follow and track. 

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Simplified sales processes

Strategy, methodology and technology to help build trust and grow revenue. 

Enabling the how

Enablement and support to instill best practices and deliver behavioral change. 

Why Altify stands apart?

Selling Simplified

Enabling sellers to focus on what they do best – forging connections, delivering clarity, and fostering collaboration. 

Technology, strategy & methodology

A partnership to deliver integrated sales best practices, with the services to ensure maximum long-term success. 

Easy adoption & growth path

Solutions to power your sales transformation that scale to meet your goals. 

Unmatched account selling expertise

Built on methodology and delivered by the team that created the category. 

Having implemented Altify at Dassault Systèmes-Medidata, and previously at Salesforce, I have seen the positive outcomes the software drives to help sellers build better relationships, increase win rates, grow pipeline, and deliver value.

Billy Martin
Senior Director, Strategic Programs & Leadership Development at Dassault Systèmes-Medidata

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Datacom uses Altify to boost overall sales effectiveness

Datacom Limited is an information technology services company offering management and consulting, cloud services, ITO, data center services, custom software development, and payroll services. Datacom employs over 5,800 people globally and is the largest tech company in New Zealand.

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How do some companies build enduring, mutually beneficial customer relationships while others get stuck fighting for every deal? We reached out to top sales leaders to learn their secrets to success and compiled their stories into a new book.

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Altify Solutions FAQs

  • Altify solutions are all 100% native Salesforce applications. We provide all the benefits of the considerable investments made by Salesforce in infrastructure, data management, controls, security, dependability and certifications.

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  • In the ever-evolving landscape of sales and customer success, staying ahead of the competition requires the adoption of innovative tools and methodologies.

    Enter Altify and ChatGPT, two powerful technologies that, when combined, offer a synergistic approach to revolutionizing sales processes and enhancing customer engagement.

    Altify and ChatGPT can empower sellers and customer success teams by streamlining research on personas and industries, optimizing discovery and qualification, mastering sales methodologies, harnessing competitive intelligence, and facilitating effective summarization of calls and actions.

    • In this article, we explore 5 Ways to use ChatGPT with Altify for high value insights.
    • In this article, we explore 4 ways NLP AI and Sales Methodology will join forces.

    As Altify solutions are 100% Salesforce native applications, this means that with the announcement of Sales GPT by Salesforce, and as a Crest Partner, we will have early access to generative AI features and capabilities from Salesforce.

    With Salesforce Sales GPT, powered by Einstein GPT, customers will be able to harness the combined power of generative AI, Salesforce and Altify and embark on an entirely new journey of delivering value across your revenue team and to your customers.

    *Upland Software, Inc. is not affiliated with, sponsored by, endorsed by or otherwise supported by OpenAI.

  • Altify solutions are 100% Salesforce native applications, so any data integrated with Salesforce can be configured to display and used within Altify solutions.

    For example, if contact data is enriched in Salesforce through a customer data platform (CDP), those custom fields can be displayed in a relationship map and the values associated with each contact can be displayed, and used in filters and reports.

    If using a system to track transactional or relationship-based Net Promoter Score®, field values that are captured at the contact level, the data can be displayed in a relationship map, and used in filters and reports.

    Anything that integrates with Salesforce or where data can be imported into contact or account objects can be used in various Altify components.

  • Einstein, Tableau, and other BI software tools

    We provide both managed and unmanaged Salesforce packages that provide multiple standard reports and dashboards to support business administrators, and the revenue team, plus custom reporting capabilities and point-of-view reporting documentation for Einstein, Tableau, and other BI software tools.


    Teams can collaborate in real-time (or asynchronously) to refine account plans by sending messages between Slack and Altify. All critical insight and feedback sent from Slack can be captured in Altify for future reference. More Info

    Google Docs

    Customers can configure Google Docs to automatically pull in relevant details from their linked opportunities and account plans in Altify (in real-time or asynchronously). This enables revenue teams to collaborate in real-time or asynchronously using all the collaboration capabilities Google Docs supports. More Info

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