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Companies around the world use the Rant & Rave customer engagement platform to deliver outstanding customer and employee experiences

Move From Insight to Action

Rant & Rave users capture 35,000 customer insights every single day. With powerful data-visualization and analytics capabilities, it’s simple to surface the insights that matter most, enabling evidence-based change to be made in the moment and beyond.

Let Your Customer Be the Coach

Employees can make or break the customer experience. That’s why Rant & Rave’s Frontline Engagement module showcases real-time feedback in a fun and gamified way, empowering employees, and allowing the customer to become the coach.

Create a Community of Raving Fans

With triggered feedback requests and always-on listening posts, Rant & Rave customers achieve industry-leading response rates averaging 30%, allowing them to rescue Ranters and turn Ravers into lifelong fans.

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Rant & Rave transforms the way companies communicate with and capture the voice of the customer and employee, by keeping things simple and embracing emotion. The solution lets you reach out proactively to customers and employees, hear them in real time, understand them intelligently, digest the data easily, and act on insight authentically. It really can be as simple (and effective) as that.

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