Delivering A Different Kind of Software Experience

One product could never solve every challenge in your organization. Yet, the pain of working with many separate providers can be more trouble than it’s worth. That’s why Upland brings you the best of both worlds – a family of cloud-based tools for digital transformation combined with the simplicity and reliability of working with a single provider.

At Upland, we believe our core differentiator is a single, unified operating model that sets the foundation for how we deliver customer success.

We call it UplandOne.

High-Touch Customer Success Program

Customer success is a continuous journey based on frank, open communication and establishing clear goals towards value realization and our goal of 100% customer success.  To achieve this, we have institutionalized a set of unique commitments and deliverables we call the Upland Customer Success Program.

Quality-Focused R&D

There are no “moonshots” when it comes to our development goals at Upland. Our approach to R&D is pretty straight-forward: prioritize customer needs, leverage a metrics-driven agile approach with real visibility and accountability, and deploy the most up-to-date development systems to ensure quality is built into every step of development.

Customer-Driven Innovation

Customer feedback is at the heart of the Upland customer experience. New features are added and prioritized in our product roadmaps and then fine-tuned based on direct customer input. Our Premier Success Plan customers are given additional priority weighting for new features and minor issue resolution. Product feedback outlets include: Customer Success Account Management, Quarterly VUCs, Annual Customer Advisory Boards, and Upland’s Online Communities.

Expert Professional Services

Through our Professional Services organization, Upland is committed to delivering to you the most value from your investment in the shortest possible time. Once we engage with you on a project, we dedicate a team to the successful planning, configuration, integration, launch, administration, and maintenance of your Upland application. With thousands of implementations under our belts, our certified professionals partner with you and your organization to create a well-defined and well-executed roadmap to success.

24x7 Global Support

Today’s organizations can’t afford downtime. With guaranteed response times in as fast as an hour and a host of self-service and troubleshooting content, Upland’s Global Support helps your organization keep up and running 24 hours a day. Upland Global Support includes:

  • Prioritized issue escalation and resolution
  • Online and phone support, 24/7/365
  • Access to a community to share and discuss best practices, support tips, training materials, and custom reports
  • Knowledge-base with latest alerts, service recommendations, and troubleshooting content
  • Unlimited case submissions and real-time case updates
  • Full support across the globe

For customers that have more urgent support requirements, Upland Premier Success Plans provide enhanced response times and availability for the most critical support requests. See Upland Premier Success Plans for more details.

Scalable, Secure Cloud-Based Solutions

Upland’s cloud technology gives you freedom from legacy applications without having to compromise security or scalability. Whether you are deploying a team of 10 or 10,000, our applications are scalable and can support large deployments while maintaining required performance levels.

Experience the entire Upland Product Family