New in Version 5.1.1


In AccuRoute’s newest feature pack release, and first release under Upland Software, we are proud to announce a number of platform updates and integrations, including our most recent integration with Upland FileBound. Also, included in this release are other key integrations such as the Microsoft 2016 suite and support for HP’s new FutureSmart 4 devices.

Support for Upland FileBound

FileBound is a document management and workflow automation solution that improves the way organizations execute work through streamlining time consuming business processes. AccuRoute will now support the ability to profile and deliver documents into FileBound, which will provide end-to-end document process automation. A user that is taking advantage of both Upland products will have seamless integration between their capture and ECM solution.

Microsoft 2016 Suite

Staying up to date in a constantly changing market is paramount to support customer needs and a well-functioning interoperable product. AccuRoute 5.1.1 will provide support for the following new platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows 2016 – The latest Windows Server version released by Microsoft in late 2016; AccuRoute 5.1.1 can be hosted on a Windows 2016 Server operating system.
  • Microsoft Active Directory 2016 – AccuRoute works and is integrated tightly with Microsoft’s Active Directory domain services for SSO and authentication. AccuRoute 5.1.1 will support the latest Active Directory deployments that were released concurrently with Microsoft Windows 2016.
  • Microsoft SQL 2016 – AccuRoute requires a Microsoft SQL database to operate. As part of this release, AccuRoute will be supported on the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Microsoft SQL AlwaysOn – As part of the Microsoft SQL 2016 integration, AccuRoute will also support Microsoft SQL AlwaysOn Support – a technology maintained by Microsoft that enables highly-available SQL resources.

FutureSmart4 Firmware Support

As HP continues to extend and enhance the capabilities of their fleet, AccuRoute will also continue to support the seamless integration between the two products. AccuRoute 5.1.1 will support the newly released firmware for HP devices: FutureSmart4.

AccuRoute Apps Enhancements

AccuRoute App users now have the ability to filter the view of their messages through adaptable search functionality based on their field display, that is configurable by the admin.  This is a new user feature extension that will allow users with large message histories to find relevant messages much faster than before.

For More Information

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