Content capture, routing, and fax software for law firms

Future-focused legal teams rely on AccuRoute’s enterprise-class document process automation to securely capture, process, deliver, and archive critical matter-centric documents with less effort.

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Streamline legal processes and get back time for clients

Legal teams are notoriously busy, and when it comes to depositions and contracts, court filings, invoices, and records requirements, legal document processing is all about high volumes, high speeds, and high efficiency. AccuRoute provides capture, fax, and routing software to automate data extraction, processing, and delivery so attorneys and legal staff can easily access and retrieve content from wherever they are. That’s a win.

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Capture, process, and deliver.

AccuRoute’s out-of-the-box technology provides firms with user-friendly, flexible technology that can handle just about anything.

  • Capture content arriving via fax or email and integrate with any network-enabled multi-function peripheral (MFP) to route documents right from the device panel.
  • Automatically convert paper files into PDF and text-searchable PDF, bookmarked PDF, PDF/A, Microsoft Word and Excel, JPEG, RTF, TIF, and many more file types.
  • Extract data from barcodes, validate data, and profile before sending to iManage, NetDocuments, SharePoint, or any document management system.
  • Quickly, securely, and automatically deliver documents (by fax or email) to yourself, internal colleagues, opposing counsel, and even e-file, all while providing a complete audit trail.

Maximize productivity with smarter processes.

Every request is time-sensitive, so let us help you keep work flowing smoothly while reducing costs.

  • Convert paper to electronic documents to reduce storage costs, improve accessibility, and enhance the client experience.
  • Get rid of the hassle and overhead with traditional faxing by moving to the cloud or a hybrid environment to make the most of your IT resources.
  • Scan, share, search, and store documents quickly and easily to accelerate the discovery process.
  • Utilize optical character recognition (OCR) to make every piece of captured content text searchable.
  • Increase billable hours by automating processes and ensuring attorney access to time-sensitive documents from anywhere.
Provide attorneys with everything they need

Standardize digital mailroom capture and routing so attorneys can easily access documentation required to win that next case.

Get back more time to focus on clients

Focus less on paperwork and processing by letting AccuRoute handle the details, so attorneys and staff can focus on client requests.

Strengthen data security at your firm

Trust in AccuRoute’s data encryption, “delete fax after completion” and robust IT infrastructure.

BA Insight enterprise search for law firms

BA Insight’s advanced, web-like legal enterprise search software creates relevant, personalized, and actionable results for law firms of any size.

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Post & Schell reduced paper storage space by 75% and now require only one modestly sized storage room.


Shulman Rogers scanned 20 million Trust and Estates documents into iManage in less than nine months, giving efficiency a huge boost.


Jackson Walker went mostly paperless and reduced their offsite storage costs by 90% in less than two years using AccuRoute.

How does AccuRoute help law firms accelerate processes?

Learn how AccuRoute helps law firms automate legal document workflows to maximize efficiency and improve accessibility for staff working from anywhere.

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Our lawyers and staff across the entire firm can scan paper in and manipulate it any way they want. We don’t have to recreate the wheel anymore. We have a ‘day-forward’ approach, meaning that we are carefully scrutinizing paper files before they are sent to off-site storage

Catherine Saldutti
Records Supervisor and Trainer, Post & Schell


Post & Schell says, “let’s get digital” and sees big results.

Before making a big office move, this law firm needed to lose some paper weight and create a smarter records management strategy.

75% reduction of paper records

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Shulman Rogers takes records scanning to a new level.

This law firm digitized 20 million documents in just under 9 months, dramatically improving attorney access and service times.

20 million documents converted

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Jackson Walker gets serious about paperless.

This law firm went from 15,000 to only 3,700 linear feet of records storage and continues to shrink paper dependence.

80% reduction in paper storage

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