Content capture, routing, and fax software for financial services.

Financial service companies rely on AccuRoute’s enterprise-class document process automation to securely capture, process, deliver, and archive critical matter-centric documents with less effort.

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Streamline financial processes and get back time for clients

From mortgage and loan processing, to new account openings and vendor invoice processing, document processing for the financial industry is all about high volumes, high speeds, and high stakes.

AccuRoute helps financial companies simplify their paper-intensive processes with secure, automated document capture, processing, and delivery.

Smarter document management strategies, made for the financial industry.

Capture, process, deliver — it's that simple.

AccuRoute’s technology gives financial firms user-friendly and flexible technology that can handle high document volumes with ease.

  • Automatically convert paper files into text-searchable PDFs, bookmarked PDF, PDF/A, Microsoft Word and Excel, JPEG, RTF, TIF, and many more file types.
  • Capture content arriving via fax or email and integrate with any network-enabled multi-function peripheral (MFP) to route documents right from the device panel.
  • Quickly, securely, and automatically deliver documents (by fax or email) to yourself, internal colleagues, opposing counsel, and even e-file, all while providing a complete audit trail.

Improve productivity and client relationships.

Client requests are time sensitive and AccuRoute keeps work flowing smoothly, improving productivity, and making clients happy.

  • Get rid of the hassle and overhead with traditional faxing by moving to the cloud or a hybrid environment to make the most of your IT resources.
  • Scan, share, search, and store documents quickly and easily to accelerate the discovery process.
  • Convert paper to electronic documents to reduce storage costs, improve accessibility, and enhance the client experience.

Improve compliance and productivity while lowering costs.

AccuRoute keeps financial organizations compliant and productive, while lowering costs for document processing, delivery, and capture.

Improve regulatory compliance

  • Comply with corporate privacy and record retention requirements, government regulations, and industry mandates
  • Carefully govern the communications of regulated employees and provide a clear audit trail
  • Convert documents to required formats and sizes for compliance
  • Access a complete, time-stamped, confirmed audit trail of who received documents and when they were viewed

Dramatically lower costs

  • Remove analog fax lines and traditional hardware to deliver documents
  • Eliminate courier and overnight mail service fees
  • Decrease your real-estate and storage needs for paper documents
  • Cut your consumption of paper and related consumables
  • Preserve your investments in hardware infrastructure

Increase productivity

  • Improve the sharability of documents for easy collaboration and immediate action
  • Create electronic copies to reduce lost documents and misfilings
  • Use your current applications without the need to learn or adopt new systems
  • Send documents to multiple locations in multiple formats from a single scan
  • Accelerate your processes to improve client satisfaction

Better, faster, and less expensive financial document processes

Read how AccuRoute improves the document process and provides better solutions for the financial industry.

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of Financial executives cite reducing operational inefficiency as a top long-term goal.


Dollars saved annually when one top 100 financial firm implemented AccuRoute.


Reduction of paper records after implementing AccuRoute.

Within a year after implementing AccuRoute, we saved millions of dollars through the reduction of fax lines while addressing all of our corporate governance concerns. AccuRoute has created a standard platform for all future document processing requirements.

IT Director, Global 100 Financial Firm

Reliable products. Real results.


Worldwide Investment Bank

This large, top 10-ranked global financial institution needed a capture and fax solution to address records keeping compliance requirements within SEC Section 17(a). 


Global 100 Financial Firm

This large, global 100 financial firm wanted a comprehensive solution for automating its fax, scan, and document distribution processes for its 30,000 worldwide employees.


Top Three Global Accounting Firm

This top three global accounting firm used AccuRoute to streamline fax, improve efficiency, and ensure data security.

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