Digital records processes to enhance efficiency

Upgrade to electronic records to standardize processes, automate data extraction, and provide access to content from one spot.

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Ditch paper records

Capture, process, and deliver content faster

Lots of content arrives at your business as paper, but it doesn’t need to stay that way. Converting to electronic records ensures data accuracy, improves accessibility, and boosts productivity. Big time.

Get on top of the paper

Electronic records get existing archives into shape

  • Automate distribution to ensure content gets delivered exactly where it needs to be.
  • Capture complete records, banish bottlenecks, and give teams transparency into projects.
  • Enforce quality controls and automatically flag specific content for further action.
  • Conquer the archives with high-volume batch scanning capabilities.

Make daily work more manageable

Electronic records management cuts down on busywork by automatically capturing, deciphering, and organizing content so it’s right at your fingertips.

  • Eliminate manual work with forms automation to effortlessly classify content to use downstream.
  • Quickly deliver scanned content to any number of recipients via on-premise or cloud fax.
  • Approach your next audit with confidence by providing secure access to a digital footprint of all documents.
Use the equipment you have

Take advantage of your existing scanning devices and MFPs to start converting records immediately. No problem – and no additional costs.

Give your team a break

Automating record capture can be done by classifying by document type, keywords, or rules to quickly capture data via machine learning and send content downstream.

Make high volume simple

Easily batch scan archived records, prepare for high-volume scanning needs, or let us do the heavy lifting to get your archives up to speed.

Let us handle the details

The capture, processing, and delivery of critical business content is only a few clicks away.

Content Capture

  • via desktop, email, fax, folders, scanning devices, mobile devices and API
  • OCR, compress, and convert into over 20 different supported formats
  • Pull documents and data alike for association together

Fax Delivery

  • Add powerful capture tools to faxing processes or vice versa
  • Every environment, supporting every need – cloud, hybrid, and on-premise
  • Scalable as heck! Build more processing power and fax lines as needed

Data Extraction

  • Classify documents to figure out which type of document it is
  • Pull important information off the document to make decisions
  • Supports structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents

Data Loss Prevention

  • Make sure that information goes through the proper paths and approvals
  • Search some or all content for particular key terms or sequences, like credit card numbers
  • Set up pre-determined pathways for flagged content to ensure compliance

Integrations and Pathways

  • Save one or many documents directly to major repositories: SharePoint, OneDrive, Google, Dropbox, Box and more simultaneously
  • Set up quality control approval processes to assure accuracy and quality of scanned content
  • Send notifications to any related users to inform them where items have been saved and are available for access

Workers who recreate existing documents simply because they can’t find them on their network.


Scan-to-email is easy. In fact, 92% of workers do it. It’s a bad habit that increases data loss.


Electronic records management reduces processing turnaround time by 80%.

What is Records Scanning?

See why electronic records management is here to stay. Standardized processes, accessibility, and quicker project completion times are only a few perks.

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When we moved into the new 104,000 square foot office, we only moved 3,700 linear feet of paper records storage, down from the original 15,000. At present, we are down to 2,500 linear feet of storage, a massive 80% reduction.

Sharon Kasachkoff
Chief Logistics Officer, Jackson Walker LLP

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Post & Schell says, “let’s get digital” and sees big results.

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75% reduction of paper records

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Shulman Rogers takes records scanning to a new level.

This law firm digitized 20 million documents in just under 9 months, dramatically improving attorney access and service times.

20 million documents converted

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Jackson Walker gets serious about paperless.

This law firm went from 15,000 to only 3,700 linear feet of records storage and continues to shrink paper dependence.

80% reduction in paper storage

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