Digital Mailroom software to modernize processes

Standardize digital mail capture and routing to improve access, ensure security, and quickly get staff content they need.

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Keep content moving with digital mailroom services

Eliminate snail mail and banish paper pileups

Savvy businesses help staff to get things done from wherever they are. A digital mailroom enables secure, fast delivery and access to content that arrives as paper but works better in a digital format.

Get mail delivered fast

More paper, more problems. Digital Mailroom services organizes critical content, grabs key data points, and sends it to the right place quickly, no sweat.

  • Give staff immediate access to critical documents and communications
  • Improve security with the authenticated routing of documents containing sensitive customer and company data
  • Help teams collaborate by setting destination rules for multiple recipients based on keywords
  • Improve project turnaround times and, in turn, provide your customers with a fantastic experience

Reduce operational costs and increase productivity

Work waits for nobody. Help staff collaborate from anywhere using the devices they already have while reducing your bottom line.

  • Eliminate paper-related costs such as printing, couriers, and postage
  • Reduce labor costs associated with managing physical mail
  • Say goodbye to offsite storage costs and delays waiting for archived content
  • Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to quickly track down documents
Get the data you need, automatically

Perform automated forms classification and data extraction to grab relevant content, ensure accuracy, and then deliver it to the right place.

Use the equipment you have

Digitizing the mailroom can succeed by integrating with your existing fleet of MFPs and scanning devices. No problem – and no additional costs.

Ensure faster, more reliable access

We’re in a brave new remote working world, so ensuring staff anywhere has real-time access to content via the cloud is a big win for productivity.

Make sure you’ve got the goods

Get red flag alerts so you can anticipate issues before they happen. Whether by accident or by malicious means, data loss or theft is a big no-no.

Put secure, compliant processes into place

Provide a digital footprint for every single document that comes into your business, so you’re well prepared for the next audit.

Reliable content handling; we’ve
got it

Capture, process, and deliver time-sensitive information in one step using mailroom management software.

Content Capture
  • via desktop, email, fax, folders, scanning devices, mobile devices, and API
  • OCR, compress, and convert into over 20 different supported formats
  • Pull documents and data alike for association together
Send Mail Via Fax
  • Add powerful capture tools to faxing processes or vice versa
  • Every environment, supporting every need – cloud, hybrid, and on-premise
  • Scalable as heck! Build more processing power and fax lines as needed
Data Extraction
  • Classify documents to figure out which type of document it is
  • Pull important information off the document to make decisions
  • Support structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents
Data Loss Prevention
  • Ensure that captured content follows the proper paths and approvals
  • Search some or all content for particular key terms or sequences, like credit card numbers
  • Create rules for flagged content to ensure compliance
Integrations and Pathways
  • Securely send to recipients via email or directly to their MyFiles
  • Let users decide where they need to go or just send them a notification that it has been stored properly
  • Dovetails with SharePoint, OneDrive, Google, Dropbox, Box, iManage, NetDocuments, Concur, and more

Across industries, more than 70% of invoices arrive as paper documents in the mail.


Getting the right information to the right person is a problem for 75% of organizations.


89% of CIOs see a need for more agile, scalable IT infrastructures to ensure business continuity.

What is a Digital Mailroom?

Learn about the many benefits of a digital mailroom. We’re talking major cost savings, reliable access, faster turnaround, and a big security boost.

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Technology has been our strongest ally in making our firm more lean, efficient and mobile. Relying on electronic documents rather than paper gives lawyers more freedom to work anywhere, allows them to respond to clients faster, and reduces their stress level.

Louis J. Mazzio
CIO, Post & Schell P.C.

Digital mailroom services for real results.


Post & Schell says, “let’s get digital” and sees big results.

Before making a big office move, this law firm needed to lose some paper weight and create a smarter records management strategy.

75% reduction of paper records

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