Is fax more secure than email?

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Most of us use email for personal communication or for work on a daily basis. But even though communicating via email is simple and convenient, it isn’t necessarily secure. In fact, sending sensitive information within email could make you an easy target for hackers and cyber security attacks. This brings up the question of is fax more secure than email?

It’s been estimated that cybercrime is up 600% due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with sophisticated email schemes that are designed to deceive and trick email recipients into action such as clicking on a malicious link or opening an attachment with a virus. Yikes!

Email isn’t always the answer.

To answer your question, YES! Online faxing is more secure than email for a variety of reasons. Without added security, email leaves you vulnerable to hackers and cyber security attacks. This is especially troubling for businesses that handle confidential client information and payments. When an email account is breached by online hackers, it not only gives the cybercriminal access to the specific account that was breached…but it also gives them access to any other account that is connected to it. By clicking on a phishing link in an email, anyone in your organization could put everyone in the company at risk of having the contents of their emails exposed…including any confidential client information or payment information. Yikes! To ensure the safety of your company and clients, online faxing may be the secure communications solution you’re looking for.

5 Advantages of Using Online Fax

1. Encryption

Most email services do not use encryption as standard practice, but AccuRoute CloudFAX’s online fax services do! AccuRoute CloudFAX encrypts both incoming and outgoing faxes, securing the contents while in transit from our servers to your computer. This security feature allows you to securely fax from your computer. We also have an automatic “Delete Fax After Completion” feature that ensures your data privacy.

2. HIPAA and PHIPA Compliance

InterFAX meets the world’s most stringent security and privacy regulations, including HIPAA and PHIPA compliance for healthcare providers and ISO 27001, an international standard on how to properly manage information security. AccuRoute CloudFAX also offers PCI DSS Level 1 Certification for credit card payment information.

3. Ease of Delivery

With online faxing, there is less of a chance that the message will get blocked or marked as spam. This happens quite frequently with emails that include attachments. With InterFAX, you have the ability to simultaneously send concurrent faxes to one or multiple recipients, as well as adjust user permissions to enforce appropriate access rights.

4. User Authentication

Our technology gives you the ability to enforce appropriate access rights by setting username and password access to the online fax system. InterFAX gives users the ability to hide destination fax numbers for an added layer of security.

5. Full Audit Trail

AccuRoute CloudFAX users have access to a full audit trail of faxes sent and received, provided through our servers. All our servers are housed in secure environments that are only accessible to approved personnel.

Online Faxing is Easy!

We’re ready to help you get started. Learn more about how AccuRoute CloudFAX’s online fax service can ensure the security of your communications. Sign up for a live demo today!

Have more questions about secure cloud faxing? We’ve got answers.

HIPAA compliance for healthcare providers is also something we’ve mastered. Learn more here.

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