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AccuRoute at a Glance

Our out-of-the-box, highly scalable solution enables capture, fax, and document workflow solutions from a single, unified platform.

Document Capture, Fax, and Workflow Platform

AccuRoute is a server-based, enterprise-class document process automation platform that provides solutions to capture, process, deliver, and archive critical business documents. This out-of-the-box, highly scalable solution enables capture, fax, and document workflow solutions from a single, unified platform.

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AccuRoute can drive simple or complex solutions involving millions of documents per month directly from your desktop or any “smart” multi-function peripheral (MFP). The AccuRoute Server converts documents to a variety of formats including PDF, text-searchable PDF, bookmarked PDF, DOC, JPG, RTF, TIF, TXT, and XLS. It then collects and provides document-related metadata, validates and compresses data via OCR, and delivers documents to the destinations required.

Here’s a look at what AccuRoute covers:

Data collection: Metadata collection for any document can be achieved using AccuRoute by:

  • Profiling documents using native document management interfaces and screens
  • Extracting data and associating it with the document for use downstream
  • Printing/scanning with prompts to capture data from structured, unstructured, and semi-structured documents directly from the MFP panel
  • Validating collected data against predefined values

Data delivery: Once processing is complete, AccuRoute allows users to deliver data through multiple processing methods. Now with a single scan, data can easily route to any number of destinations through methods including:

  • Scan-to-Self: email, cloud repository, network folder, or web folder
  • Scan-to-Distribute: email, fax, printer, and distribution list
  • Scan-to-Store: enterprise content management (ECM) including document management, records management, litigation support systems, cloud repositories, or archival in network folders
  • Scan-to-Enterprise Application: financial systems, time and expense management, CRM, and more

Device integration: AccuRoute promotes a high level of business efficiency by providing capture, conversion, and delivery capabilities from desktops, mobile devices, or the front panel of an MFP. AccuRoute integrates with the required identification or authentication provided by most MFPs, allowing users to access their personal distribution lists.

Enterprise fax: With every AccuRoute platform your organization can utilize a full-featured fax system compatible with any networked, scan-enabled device, fax machine, or digital MFP.

Simultaneous document conversion and distribution: AccuRoute enables end users to merge mixed-mode (printed and electronic) documents, compress them, and convert them to numerous formats, including e-filing preparation (splitting and merging files based on their file size or page count). Users can also define their choice of multiple document destinations from email to fax to DMS.

Document classification and data extraction: AccuRoute automates the capture and extraction of data from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents. Once data has been pulled from the document, it’s validated and classified by a form type – for example, an invoice. Then it’s routed to the correct document archives, document management systems, business applications, or network files based on predetermined rules.

Data loss prevention: AccuRoute can automatically monitor documents for sensitive or confidential information to prevent loss or theft. Users can set up rules and alerts based on key terms/patterns, such as a credit card number, and can even redact or obscure specific data from both visual and text layers to ensure security.

Web interface: This up-to-trend interface is the workflow hub for all AccuRoute products. With functionality complementary to AccuRoute Queue and the AccuRoute Mobile Client, AccuRoute WebApps allows for the AccuRoute platform to be more customized than ever. Users can “pin” and “unpin” their favorite workflows to their AccuRoute WebApps home screen, leverage image preview and release, and incorporate workflow options.

Direct AccuRoute support: AccuRoute provides rock-star product support and strategic product insight to help clients get the most out of our product and achieve renewed success in their day-to-day business processes.

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