Solution Brief

Get Moving with a Digital Mailroom

Standardize digital mail capture and routing to improve access, ensure security, and quickly get staff content they need.


When it comes to records management, there are two significant challenges associated with the management of documents arriving into the mailroom in paper form: delivery and filing. Implementing digital mailroom solutions can solve both challenges in one fell swoop.

As law firms and businesses of all types and sizes look for ways to increase efficiency, manual, paper-driven processes are one of the first places to innovate within the enterprise. Corporate mailrooms should be a primary point of focus when it comes to modernizing processes via digital transformation. For an increasingly remote workforce, implementing digital mailroom solutions increases accessibility and enhances the ability of attorneys and legal staff to work from anywhere.

Benefits of the Digital Mailroom:

  • Save on time spent maintaining physical paper documents
  • Increase billable hours
  • Eliminate printing, courier, and real estate costs needed for document storage
  • Increase universal accessibility, anytime from anywhere
  • Decrease waiting time for document turnaround
  • Improve security, and decrease document loss and misfiling due to human error
  • Simplify processes and put end-users at ease

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