What’s New | AccuRoute 6.3


AccuRoute 6.3 is Upland AccuRoute’s major release for 2019 released in the Fall of 2019. The newest release looks to continue the focus on security and system administration. Now including much sought after dashboard based monitoring as well as more Admin-level permissions that can restrict administrators from viewing potentially sensitive material.


Microsoft 2019 Support:

AccuRoute 6.3 is qualified on Microsoft Windows Server 2019.

HP Device Support:

Support for OXP 1.8 and HP’s Fall line of devices will be supported in AccuRoute 6.3.

Ricoh Smart Operation Panel:

Support for the Android-Based Ricoh Operating System known as “Smart Operation Panel” will be supported.


Administrator Updates

Restrict Viewing of Documents Permission:

In certain secure data environments, corporate and government regulations prohibit the ability for anyone to see documents containing sensitive information. With this release, AccuRoute will make it configurable within the Administrator application to create a role that restricts the ability to “view” documents while retaining all other Administrative functions.

Local Admin Rights – No Longer Required:

As customers continue to press security and hardening of infrastructures, it has been requested to provide the ability for AccuRoute to operate with a Windows Service account, that does not have Windows Local-Administrator rights. As part of this release, the documentation will be updated outlining how to remove the HPCR Windows Service Account from the Local Administrators group, after the software is installed.

Filescan Performance Configuration:

Filescan will now be equipped with the capability to configure controls to improve performance. The rate at which jobs flow through the connector, as well as time scheduling control can be set by the administrator to optimize performance.

System Insights

AccuRoute will be enhanced to offer system administrators to monitor the health of the AccuRoute Server. This will allow IT managers and administrators to be proactive on the overall system status at any given time. This does not replace active system monitoring, but complements those abilities with a quick window view into the operation of the platform. The dashboard will be viewble directly from within the WebApps client.

System Insights will support reporting on:

  • All Services are in a “Started” state
  • All Connectors are “Enabled”
  • Queue levels are within monitored thresholds
  • Compose Engine Status
  • Local Drives sizes are within threshold limits, on both Servers and Remote Composers (not IIS or SQL Servers)
  • Display the Job failure rate in a certain period of time
  • Display the average processing time for messages over the past hour / 24 hours by message type, e.g. email, fax, network folder
  • IIS app pools are “Started” for each connected IIS Server
  • Simulate an LDAP lookup of a user to determine accessibility and speed
  • Monitor network folders, with thresholds for build up or oldest file

Core Updates

OneDrive Authentication at the MFP:

Users now have the option of authorizing AccuRoute to work with their OneDrive account using OneDrive device codes. This process is started at the MFP and eliminates the need to authorize through AccuRoute WebApps. This is particularly helpful for organizations that have not deployed or trained users in WebApps.

Print from Folder:

To further enhance the user experience, AccuRoute will now allow users to print files from Virtual Folders while at the MFP device panel. Virtual Folders include:
With this function, a new button will be added to the default set of AccuRoute Device Buttons. As seen below:
Once a user selects the Print from Folder Button and authenticates, they will be presented with a list of all of their configured Virtual Folders. Users will then be able to drill down into folder lists and select documents to print. By selecting the document they will be able to print the document. All document types supported by the AccuRoute Server for Conversion will be supported for Print from Folder.

Stamps for CloudFax in Hybrid:

The AccuRoute CloudFax Connector will be updated with the ability to configure a top line stamp that allows variable properties to be printed on the top of the page, such as time or date.