Content Preview in the New Version of MessageFocus

With the wide variety of mail clients in use today, making sure your email campaign displays correctly for your recipients is more important than ever. Trying to test them all manually can be daunting, especially when you consider that the version of a web browser being used can impact how your email looks in webmail clients, such as Yahoo! mail.

The new version of MessageFocus provides seamlessly integrated content previews. From the campaign overview, you can see how your email looks in 22 email clients in just a couple of minutes by clicking ‘Request Content Preview’ in the sidebar.

You have the option of a free test, which provides previews of Outlook 2003 and Gmail, which is great if you need a quick check of your campaign before launch. Alternatively, you can perform a complete test, which provides comprehensive previews of the most common email clients, including the most recent versions of Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo!, Apple Mail and Lotus Notes. So, you can be confident that your target audience is viewing your email as intended.

Each preview of an email client has options at the top of the page that let you to switch between inbox view, with your email displaying in the preview pane if one is available, and full size, as if opened by the recipient. You can also view the email with images turned on and off.

Free previews are ready for you to access in the new MessageFocus and you can use as many of these as required. Should you like to see more than the free previews, you can contact your account manager for a free demonstration of the full functionality and pricing information.

This is just one of many improvements in the new version of MessageFocus that are a result of our clients’ feedback, so if you haven’t already, login to try it out.

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