MessageFocus 2.8: Introducing Benchmark Reporting

Want to know how your email campaign measures up? The new Benchmark Reporting feature gives you a quick overview.

Benchmark Reporting offers a visual overview of how your stats compare via a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Benchmark Parameters

Decide which level of your account is used for comparison. You can choose:

  • Account – compare against all campaigns within your account.
  • Workspace – compare against all campaigns throughout the current workspace.
  • By Project – compare against all campaigns within the current project.

You can also set the report to compare results within a particular time frame. The default option displays the all-time results of the level you are in, but you can easily change that from the drop-down menu at the top. It includes pre-set options ranging from the day before to the previous 12 months, or you can select a particular date range you’re interested in. Similarly, you can set the time frame of the account, workspace or project you are comparing your performance against.

Hovering over the thumb up or down icon will show you the percentage that you are above or below the benchmark.

Launches Table

An extra option has been added to the launches table report too. You can view your results as a percentage of total, attempted or delivered, and now you can also view the benchmark comparison.

Benchmark Reporting is live now and available to all Adestra clients for free. If you have any questions about the changes to MessageFocus, please contact your Account Manager or email us on

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