MessageFocus Updates – 12th March 2013

We have made some updates to MessageFocus this weekend to address feedback from our clients. All of these updates are enhancements that will improve your MessageFocus experience.

Here are just a few of the improvements you will see when you login to MessageFocus today:

1. MessageFocus Reporting

Inbound tab:
If you click on the “Inbound tab” in the reporting section of your email campaign, it is now possible to select all replies when browsing inbound messages. This will make it easier to delete lots of messages at once.

Email client detection:
We have added support for BlackBerry Curve handsets to make this feature more comprehensive.

2. New HTML Editor

We are constantly improving the new HTML editor to make it easier for you when you’re creating and editing your emails.

New fonts available for you to use:

  • Century Gothic
  • Arial Narrow

Change link colour:
To make changing link colours easier, we’ve added this as an option. Right click your link to access the “Change Link Colour” option.

Changing border and background colours:
There is now a colour selector available to change the colour of table borders and backgrounds.

3. Testing

Split test and filters:
Split tests and filters can now be used together on the same campaign. This also means that split test options are now available if you have a filter attached to your campaign.

Bug fix
We’ve fixed the bug that caused the page to timeout when starting a new split test campaign when using large lists.

Performance Visibility:

  • We added an enhancement to split tests to enable you to pick winners based on clicks of opens. This uses the “click to open” ratio to determine the success of your email campaign.

  • We have added a score to the split test report page which rates your variant. There is also a tooltip explaining how the score is calculated as detailed in the image below.

4. Filters

‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ filtering:
We’ve enhanced the filters feature by adding the ability to perform greater than, less than and equal to numerical comparisons on your core or data tables.

Negating empty fields:
We’ve now made it possible to negate ‘field is empty’ rules.

Filtering Bounced contacts:
Contacts that have been suppressed due to having previously bounced can now be selected using event match filters.

5. MessageFocus API

  • We’ve added documentation for setting suppression and unsubscribe lists when using the ‘campaign.setAllOptions’ call.
  • Read tracking is now enabled by default when creating a new campaign using the API.
  • ‘contact.transactional’ call will now return an error message if supplied with an invalid email address.
  • We’ve simplified how arguments are supplied to the ‘contact.transactional’ call to make it easier to understand and use, old methods are still supported though.
  • The ‘contact.transactional’ and ‘contact.create’ API calls now automatically dedupe and overwrite on email address when there is no dedupe column supplied.
  • A ‘list.empty’ API call for emptying a list has been added.

If you have any questions about the changes to MessageFocus, please contact your Account Manager or email us on

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