How Seven Brands are Boosting Sales with Email Right Now – Your Dose of Easter Email Inspiration

As one of the year’s most recognized consumer holidays, Easter can be the perfect aid for boosting your sales. Shoppers feel a little more indulgent, and email could help you turn that feeling into revenue.

With the Easter bunny just around the corner, it’s time to see which strategic basket email marketers have chosen for their eggs. Get your dose of Easter email inspiration from Monsoon, Cadbury, Strada, and more.

You think it’s not relevant if you don’t sell chocolate? Think again!

We’ve had some very pleasant surprises in our inboxes from brands that have understood their role at Easter. Take this email from Evans Cycles: their audience is likely to use the extra time off to enjoy a bike ride, so they’ve sent an email to communicate their opening hours in case any cycling extras are needed.

Get ready for some eggciting eggsploring

A holiday like Easter just beggs a good pun (or three). Above that, make sure your email copy is light, and cheery just like your customers are around the holidays. If you want to squeeze in a pun like Cadbury and Fortnum & Mason, have a think if your audience would appreciate it.

In the Fortnum & Mason example to follow, they eased the anxiety of finding the perfect egg for each member of the family with a fun egg hunt right in the email.

Monsoon appealed to their fashion-conscious audience with a special holiday edition of their newsletter, broken down by size for women, and age for the children’s section. This makes it quick, easy and tempting for subscribers to click.

Strada also focused on the extra time off, and based their email on a list of Top 5 Ultimate Foodie Movies to watch during the long weekend. And if that happens to make you hungry, then why not check out their menu? Clever!

Consider limited time offers for a quick boost

Hotel Chocolat have tough competition for Easter, so they approached the event with a simple flash sale email. We love the fact that it’s short, to the point, and reminds subscribers about their amazing Click & Collect in two hours service.

It’s all about the hunt

If you want to make your email even more attractive for your subscribers, make it topical and organize a digital Easter egg hunt. Cadbury provided helpful advice on organizing egg hunts at home, but also promoted their sponsorship of the National Trust’s Easter egg trail, encouraging outdoor activities, and promoting Cadbury’s Easter treats.

And the winner is…

These examples also show great creative, but if we had to pick a winner, it would be Fortnum & Mason. Why? Because their email was the only mobile-optimized from these examples (gasp!)


Mobile-optimization is crucial to increasing your chances of conversion, and making sure clever and beautiful creative really provide you with results. Dobbies Garden Centres learnt that; by switching to a mobile responsive design, they saw an increase in clicks of 400%.

For more information on how to make your email look fabulous and deliver results, get a free copy of When Email Marketing Meets Design Theory. Or contact our Digital Design team.

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