Writing Enticing Subject Lines: Tips and Inspiration

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In previous posts, we have highlighted the role that subject lines play when looking at open rates.

If you need further convincing, you might want to know that 69 percent of email recipients report email as spam based entirely on the subject line, and that 35 percent of subscribers open emails based on the subject line. Are you still reluctant to believe in the impact of a simple sentence on your open rates? Here are some tips that might help when creating subject lines to grab your subscribers’ attention:

1. Keep it short

It’s essential to catch your reader’s attention and not to bombard them with long subject lines.

2. Avoid the sales-speak and spammy words

Even though you are sending a promotional email, don’t be aggressive. Create a subject line that talks about your audience, not your product.

3. Add value

Tell your subscribers what’s inside your email. Make sure you explain the content of the email, demonstrate its value, and avoid any misinformation.

4. Think about your pre-header text

The pre-header is that bit of text that your subscribers can read before opening your email. It’s a great opportunity to entice them to click.

5. Personalize it

Subscribers give you their first names, so why don’t you use them? Your subscribers are expecting some kind of personalization in your emails, and it may make them feel special and loved.

6. Use emojis

Don’t use them in all your subject lines, however. You should also bear in mind that they might not be displayed on your subscribers’ devices, so don’t use them in place of words (e.g. a heart emoji instead of writing the word ‘love’). Think the following: if your emoji was not displayed, would your subject line still make sense?

Wrapping up…

Open rates are influenced by several elements. However, an enticing subject line can play a crucial role when your emails land in your subscribers’ inboxes. Successful subject lines are created with the subscriber in mind, and have been previously tested to see what keywords are more attractive to them.

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