Campaign of the Month

Transactional data helps Harrod Horticultural achieve a 47% click-to-sale rate

They reaped fantastic benefits with their replenishment emails.

Sending emails based on purchase history is one of the most powerful ways to engage with your customers. Harrod Horticultural reaped fantastic benefits with their slug nematodes replenishment emails.

Brand: Harrod Horticultural
Developed by: Mandy Berry

Campaign details

Subject line: It’s time to buy Nemaslug
Open: 45%
50% increase in sales YoY



What data was used?

Transactional data focusing on customers who had bought the product a year before.


Increase sales of seasonal products that need replenishment every year.

What makes this a performing campaign?

As a retailer of gardening equipment and supplies, seasonal trends are key to Harrod Horticultural’s business. By importing their transactional data into MessageFocus, they were able to segment customers based on previous purchases, and target them with specific, relevant offers. This strategy has been particularly successful with their replenishment campaigns.

To do this, Harrod Horticultural focused on customers who had purchased a product exactly a year before, and created an automated recurring campaign simply asking whether they wish to re-order the product in question. To begin with, they focused on products like fleeces, mulch, rock dust, mud balls and slug nematodes.

The results

Thanks to the slug nematodes email, Harrod Horticultural have seen a fantastic 50% increase in sales YoY of the product Nemaslug. In April, this email received an outstanding click-to-sale rate of 47%, and has become their best performing conversion campaign based on purchase history. With a 45% open rate, these emails aren’t just about short-term revenue, but ‘front of mind’ selling and engaging content, that their customers find welcoming and relevant.

As this email triggers automatically every day with no manual intervention, this hasn’t put a strain on Harrod Horticultural’s marketing resources.  They are now devising new and innovative ways to communicate with their customers for the next gardening season.