Campaign of the Month

Carefully-crafted content brings an 80% boost in click rates

The Diamond Store engaged their subscribers with a fun quiz, and achieved great engagement rates.

Company name: The Diamond Store
Designed and developed by: Chavi Spitzer

Campaign details

Subject line: Which Love Personality Are You? Find Out Here
Open: 19%
Click: 1.8% of delivered


What data was used?

All active users in their database.


  • Increase engagement rates for their monthly newsletter.

What makes this a performing campaign?

The Diamond Store analyzed the results of their newsletters and noticed that, while emails promoting sales are very successful, their subscribers love on-brand content that is not constructed around the product. Following the success of a newsletter with the subject line  ‘101 Wedding Proposal Ideas – Be Different’, they decided to create a similarly distinct piece of content.

They created a quiz entitled ‘Which Love Personality Are You?’, which tested their fans’  reluctance or ease to share aspects of their relationship on social media. The quiz was a fun way to engage their subscribers through content that is relevant to them.

The results

With most jewelry being purchased for loved ones, particularly diamond jewelry, it’s easy to see how the subject line and quiz intrigued many of their recipients. Their strategy worked so well that the open rate was 90% higher and the click-through rate was 80% higher, compared to the average newsletter results.

This email shows how understanding your audience and creating content based on their interests can increase engagement with your emails. Even though it didn’t focus on short-term revenue gain, it helped keep the brand top-of-mind.

Could your emails use a boost in engagement?

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