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Crabtree & Evelyn re-engage 30% of inactive email subscribers

Combining a short and sweet email campaign with Adestra’s powerful design and automation tools, Crabtree & Evelyn created a successful re-engagement campaign.

Brand: Crabtree & Evelyn

Designed and developed by: Colin Hall and Kristina Wright from Adestra


Campaign details

Subject line: We Miss You!
Clicks: 30%
 re-engaged contacts


Who is the campaign targeted at?

The re-engagement email was targeted at contacts who had not opened any emails in the previous two months.


  • Re-engage inactive subscribers
  • Clean database

What makes this a performing campaign?

Having a clean database is essential to modern email marketing. By making sure that you only send emails to an engaged audience, your reports are more accurate and you also positively influence your sender reputation.

Crabtree & Evelyn knew that it might be hard to say goodbye to hard-earned subscribers, but if those subscribers don’t want to hear from them, it’s only costing them money. To give inactive contacts one last chance, they put a re-engagement program in place. Using the template that Adestra’s Digital Design team had built for them and the Email Editor, Crabtree & Evelyn created a simple, yet effective re-activation email. They then used the Automation Program Builder and, using a set of filters, created a re-engagement program targeting those contacts who had not opened a single email in the previous two months.

The campaign has copy that is short and sweet, which clearly explains the purpose of the email, the action that the receiver should take and what happens if they don’t. The call-to-action is also featured in a prominent position and easy to tap from a mobile device.

The Results

Even though sending to an inactive audience is always challenging for email marketers, Crabtree & Evelyn’s message hit home, achieving incredible results for this type of campaign. Of the 2.7% of un-engaged subscribers who opened the email, 30% of those clicked-through. In fact, for the time it’s been running so far, Crabtree & Evelyn have managed to win back 1,054 contacts!

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