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Email helps Sheerluxe sell out special offer in under three hours

Example Campaign

By using a bold subject line, attractive email design and a fantastic offer, SheerLuxe provided great value to their subscribers and generated fantastic revenue.

Brand: SheerLuxe
Designed and developed by: Mia Luckie

Campaign details

Subject line: ☀️ The Summer Box is Here! ☀️ While It Lasts…
Open: 31%
Sold out 600 boxes


What data was used?

Subscribers to their daily newsletter.


  • promote a special offer for the summer

What makes this a performing campaign?

Based on a previously successful sell-out campaign called the ‘Fashion & Beauty Box’, SheerLuxe decided to reintroduce it to their audience for the summer of 2016. This project is a collaboration with Latest in Beauty, and the promotion is hotly anticipated by fashion and beauty aficionados. Email is a very important channel for SheerLuxe, as they have a highly engaged audience receiving their daily tips, articles and promotions, so it was a natural choice to promote the sale of this great offer.

The email design is particularly appealing – with a header image showcasing the products and the offer. By including the full retail value of the products at the top, subscribers are enticed to scroll down to find out more and it also makes them feel like SheerLuxe truly provides them with great deals. The rest of the email showcases each item with a stylish image, description and RRP. To maximize conversions, the email includes two prominent calls to action, ‘What’s inside’ and ‘Shop the box’, and each image also links to the landing page where the product can be purchased.

The Results

This strategy worked wonders for SheerLuxe, yet again, as the 600 boxes in stock sold out in just two and a half hours from the launch of the email. The subject line ‘☀️ The Summer Box is Here! ☀️ While It Lasts…’ stood out in the inbox with the use of sun emojis and it clearly attracted the attention of their engaged audience with a 31% open rate and a 24% click-through rate. In fact, SheerLuxe received a lot of messages from subscribers who were not able to purchase a box, so not only did it bring them revenue, but also reaffirmed demand for this type of product and their branded merchandise.


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