Campaign of the Month

Making customers feel valued with an effective survey email

When a company makes changes in their offering, customers can feel concerned. To eliminate uncertainty and make sure the changes reflect customers’ needs and goals, Soulmatefood used a simple and effective survey email.

Brand: Soulmatefood
Designed and developed by: Shaun Lloyd

Campaign details

Subject line: Food For Thought…
20% higher open rate
80% of total clicks to survey link



What data was used?

Soulmatefood’s subscriber base.


  • Gather information about their customers’ lifestyle and goals
  • Communicate improvements to their offering

What makes this a performing campaign?

Soulmatefood pride themselves in offering a tailored nutrition service to their customers. Their service is all about eating healthily and feeling great, so when it came to making changes to their offering, they had to make sure these are inspired by and right for their customers. To do that, they devised a simple and short survey to ask customers about their lifestyle and goals.

Surveys are notoriously difficult to engage customers, so Soulmatefood decided to communicate the benefits clearly and offer an incentive for answering the questions. Taking advantage of the email environment, they made the incentive and call-to-action button stand out by placing them above-the-fold so subscribers are clear on what action is required of them straight away. To persuade them to click through and take the survey, Soulmatefood focused on the brevity of the action with copy like ‘a little help’, ‘it won’t take long’ and ‘short survey’.

To get subscribers excited about the changes, Soulmatefood also offered a sneak preview of upcoming changes using big headlines and enticing images. By looking at their Email Client Report, they knew that 70% of their audience open emails on mobile with almost all of those using an iOS device, so rendering these images would not be a problem.

As a back-up plan, they also scheduled several resend to non-openers campaigns to capture as much insight about their audience as possible.

The Results

By having an informed approach to this campaign and making the benefits clear, Soulmatefood achieved great results. The intrigue generated by their subject line granted them an open rate that was 20% higher than their average. Persuaded by the appealing incentive and clear design, 80% of total clicks in the email were attracted by the survey link.

This campaign is a great example of how to engage subscribers and make their opinion feel valued, even with tactics that generally see low engagement levels, like surveys.

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